The New Technological Era of Learning – Game Based E Learning

Games are one of the most important parts of human life. With changing technologies and generations, the gaming patterns and types are also changing. From traditional games on the court and indoor games using boards, games have now shifted their platform into the digital world of computers and mobiles. A higher leap in the world of games also takes them into imparting brain development by the method of e-learning. E-learning is the method of imparting educational learning with the help of electronic media like tablets, mobiles, laptops, etc. Game based learning companies are in the full spirits to develop more interesting games, videos, and animations that would help children as well as adults to stick to it and learn things that they have never come across before. 


Game-based learning is now a common sight and comes with a lot of advantages:

  • In this technological era, where every person, especially children are engrossed in social media and gadgets, it provides interactive sessions and games which can not only recreate the kids but also be a useful session for them.
  • Coming with a lot of variety, kids come across different game sets with a different pattern. This creates a different atmosphere every time while learning over to the same bookish fonts that bring in lethargy.
  • The 3D and animation in game-based learning helps provide a stress-free environment providing a better space for imagination and understanding.

What does it involve?

Game based e-learning, although very easily described has several things unknown to people. It does not just involve games that entertain and keeps people busy, rather it is a set of interactive space which involves certain objectives to achieve and complete. It involves boosting up confidence on the core and basic topics and brings in the element of fun. Game-based learning can involve puzzles, situations, matching, fill ups, counting games, brainteasers, and etc. they help in exercising the brain by stimulation of an image thinking about it, improving imaginations and opening doors of creativity. It also helps boost memory power and helps execute strategies, play characters, etc. It is proven that e learning that involves the use of several senses like eyes, ears, hands, etc. are a better way of retaining the information learned over the traditional methods. 

E-learning is soon becoming one of the most used methods of learning. With gaining popularity and loved method, it is also something that has a few drawbacks. Constant use of these platforms creates lethargy and passive behaviour. Even looking and sticking into the screen for a long time can have a harmful impact on the eyes as well as on the brain of the user. The traditional methods designed were not just a method of learning but also provided a good exercise of brain and eyes. Taking the benefits of e learning and combining the traditional method with that of the modern one can help create a smart and interactive study pattern but also healthy human beings.

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