How to find the best nearby CBSE high schools in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is a sprawling city with many localities. Finding the best nearby CBSE school can therefore prove to be quite challenging. That being stated, the sheer number of schools in the city are many and with a little bit of effort, one really shouldn’t have a problem zeroing in on the best high school in Ahmedabad.

However, at times,  finding the best CBSE high school nearby might prove to be a bit tricky. So let’s try and see how this could be approached in the right direction.

  1. Make a Shortlist of the good CBSE schools in a 10 kilometre radius from home

This is the very first step that needs to be taken to be able to identify the right kind of school for your child.  One can look at the nearby CBSE schools in this range of distance that have the best faculty, facilities and reputation. One can then compare the kind of fees they charge and take an informed decision about which school suits one’s purposes the best. 

  1. One should check out the traffic conditions

Apart from the distance of the school from home, one should also check out the traffic conditions enroute to the school in question. Considering the fact that traffic in some parts of Ahmedabad can be chaotic, it is important to determine the to and fro time taken while attending school. It is quite possible that it might take longer to cover 5 kilometres than 10 kilometres on certain stretches. It is important to factor this in while deciding upon the nearby school to put your child into. 

  1. Whether it is a regular school or an International school

International schools are quite in vogue these days on account of the fact that they provide world class facilities as well as a great ambiance to the students. Many parents feel that it is necessary to send their children to such schools as that helps build their confidence and sense of self worth. Therefore, one will have to find out if there are any such schools in the vicinity of one’s home or not. 


While there is no dearth of schools in Ahmedabad, identifying the right one and that too in one’s neighbourhood can prove to be more than a trifle challenging. However, one can zero in on a school that is just right for one’s child after taking into account the factors mentioned above.

Given that Ahmedabad is quite a progressive and aspirational city, there is a lot of activity centred on enhancing the educational infrastructure. Some of the leading educational organizations of the city, as well as several national and international ones are expanding their presence in the city. The chances of finding a school in your neighbourhood that is just right for your child are therefore very bright.

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