Can’t Access Netgear Extender After Update? Let’s Fix It!

Accessing the Netgear extender setup wizard is the only way to manage and monitor the extender’s settings. However, Google has been flooded with a weird query stating that users are facing problems accessing their extender’s dashboard after the firmware update. Some users are even stuck at the mywifiext.local page. Are you also one of those users who are facing this problem following the Netgear firmware update? If yes, then you can rely on this post to help you out. It consists of several tips that will help you access your extender’s setup dashboard in a hassle-free manner.

[Fixed] Can’t Access Netgear Extender After Update

1. Let the Extender Update Properly

If it comes to performing any activity related to the Netgear extender, you need to be attentive as well as patient. Are you trying to access the dashboard of your WiFi device just after the completion of the file upload? If you’ve answered yes, then there’s no wonder why you’re unable to access the Netgear extender after firmware update. Know that the firmware update process completes only when your extender reboots and regains its working status. Thus, you need to remain patient till this happens and try to access the extender thereafter. On the off chance, you are facing this problem after a successful rebooting session of the range extender, you can move to the next section.

2. Rearrange Your WiFi Devices

Did you bring the extender closer to the router in order to carry out a firmware upgrade? If yes, then you might have placed them in another location after the completion of the process. Yes? If that’s the case, then we suggest you rearrange the distance separating your wireless devices. You cannot place your devices too close. This action heightens the chances of your extender’s WiFi signals getting involved in a clash with those of the host router increases. However, you cannot place them too far either. It is like bringing another issue to your table due to poor wireless communication between devices.

3. Use the Web Address as per the OS

Chances are that you are trying to access the web URL on an iOS device whereas the URL with the “.local” extension on the Windows OS. Remember that the default web address with the “.net” extension works on the devices running on the Windows operating system. However, if you are using the system that runs on iOS, you are supposed to input mywifiext suffixed with “.local”. This is the golden rule to access the Netgear extender. So, do use the correct URL and see if you get successful this time.

4. Get Access to the Extender’s WiFi

Following the firmware update, you won’t be able to access your Netgear extender if you are not accessing the correct network. In other words, you are not making use of the device accessing the Netgear_ext. For your information, it is the default extended network name of the range extender which can be used to gain access to the internet connection. Therefore, you should always ensure that you are accessing the wireless network of your extender before starting the process to access its dashboard.

5. Reset Your Extender

Lastly, you might be failing to access the Netgear extender setup wizard after completing the firmware update process due to a wrong file upload. Perhaps, you did not pay attention to the model number of your extender before downloading the firmware file. Keep in mind that you need to upload the latest firmware file of the extender model you own. Uploading the wrong file only put your home network at risk. In that case, we recommend resetting the range extender. The Reset button located on the top or back of your extender unit will help you with that. However, the button needs to be pressed carefully for the successful completion of the reset procedure.

To Sum Up

The inability to access the Netgear extender after the update is one of the toughest situations that a user faces. We made you aware of the reasons behind the issue as well as troubleshooting tips to fix it. Apart from this, we suggest you always maintain a strong Ethernet wire connection between the Netgear extender and router. It will help you access a seamless internet connection more efficiently. However, after you are done factory resetting your WiFi range extender, consider setting it up from scratch as all the customized settings would have been wiped off.