5 Plus Common iPhone Problems and Best Solution

A large number of people are using iPhones and replace their smartphones with a new model every year because of the exciting features Apple provides. They have the best option to sell used iPhones to a reliable buyer in Dallas if they want to upgrade their cell phones. Why do they sell? Why upgrade? It is pretty natural that electronic devices will encounter some problems afterward. The same is the situation with iPhone users too!

Our in-detail guide will show you how to fix many general iPhone issues. iPhones or Android phone devices alike can run into several issues both on the hardware and software sides as they age. There are many common problems and we are going to provide the best yet easy solutions for your cell phone. Here we discuss 5 plus common iPhone issues and solutions.

1.   Wi-Fi Isn’t Getting Connected

This is one of the most common issues that iPhone users face frequently. Yes, they are looking for a permanent solution. The solution is truly very simple and easy. You just need to switch your iPhone off and then restart it after some seconds. At the same time, press and hold the home and lock button till the Apple logo comes to your iPhone’s screen. You should be able to connect to Wi-Fi, once the iPhone has restarted.

Go to Wi-Fi settings, scroll down to the page end and make the HTTP proxy to auto settings, if still the issue persists. Now, hopefully, your problem will be resolved and if you face it again in the future then apply the same process to get rid of this issue.

2.   No Latest Version Update

Are you more concern about common iPhone issues and the best solutions before buying a new cell phone? The most common iPhone issue is that your cell phone isn’t getting updated to the latest iOS version. The solution goes like this,

  • Simply connect your iPhone to Mac or PC
  • Force to restart which will bring your cell phone to recovery mode

Then iPhone users will be able to see an update option on your screen and when you click on update option, the newest version update starts and once it is ended your cell phone will work as a normal condition.

Try to restore option which will remove all mobile data from your cell phone if in case you could not see update option after force to restart. Finally, you will now get the newest software version and can be restored with the backed up data.

3.   iPhone Screen Is Cracked

There is no such pain and irritation than using a cracked smartphone. Right? Somehow, your cracked iPhone can be used for a long time but some other day it will unexpectedly become useless. So, it is worthwhile to contact the Computer Repair Center in Dallas. In this case, they may opt for iPhone screen replacement.

For this critical issue, there is a number from doing it yourself kit accessible, but approaching the reliable service center is a better choice as they will complete the job for a cost-effective price. Phone recycling in Dallas is another best option for you!

4.   Data Lost in iPhone

When you lose your all imperative and private data from your iPhone, it is pretty frustrating. But yes, it is yet another general issue of iPhone users. The solution will be easy if you have an iCloud backup for your private data. It is the best way to protect your data so, just sync your device to iCloud-iPhone.

When it is locked, the syncing process can be done at night. Your missing private data will be accessible in the iCloud. But you must rush to an Apple Store to find many options of getting back the lost private data if you could not find it there also.

5.   The Camera Isn’t Working

If you have any restrictions that are enabled, then your iPhone camera will not work. You can review this by navigating through General Settings instructions and turn on your iPhone Camera. Most of the camera issues will be resolved here. 

Try resetting your iPhone as said previous, if still, your cell phone camera is not working. It could be the issue with the hardware if again you did not find any progress. If you find a hardware issue, then take it to your iPhone service center in Dallas to resolve the issue.

6.   Quick Battery Drain

Rapid battery draining is one of the most common issues associated with Apple users (iPhones). The best solution is to turn off the unnecessary applications that you are using for no reason. It is recommended to contact the reliable electronic repair service provider as soon as possible if still, the iPhone battery problem exists.

7.   iPhone Damage Due to Water

Water is truly a nightmare for all electronic devices and the same is applicable in the case of the iPhone too. Don’t worry, you can try several solutions before giving up if your cell phone gets flooded in the water. The initial process to do after taking the iPhone out from water is to wipe all the additional water using a piece of cloth or tissue paper.

Never try it switch on the smartphone instantly as it leads to perpetual loss with the device. Next important thing to remember that you must take a cup of rice and put your iPhone in it. Within 24 hours, the rice will absorb the remaining water. Similarly, you can disassemble your cell phone and dry it yourself, but it requires much expertise. You can contact the nearby service provider if your cell phone is still not working.

8.   Bluetooth Issues in iPhone

Out of several general iPhone issues and solutions, problems with the Bluetooth can be easily resolved by going to ‘Settings-General-Select’ reset all choices and settings. This will remove all protected settings along with resolving your problem too.

So, keep your iPhone safe and if you found any issue then visit the reliable yet economical electronic repairing center in Dallas.

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