A strong woman, superwoman, lady boss, role model, inspiration, or the one you admire is your shero. The women who are headstrong, courageous, and break all the limits and stereotypes to empower themselves and other women are the sheroes of society. A shero, in simple words, is a woman who shows courage, has attained outstanding achievements and has noble qualities. They are the heroines of society. We, at bloomsvilla, have brought this to pay our respect to the sheroes of the society on this mother’s day, and make them feel proud for whatever they have done for us and the society. The sheroes deserve to be celebrated and thanked for breaking the stereotypes and empowering other women for the same.

We consider every woman with strong character and sense of self as a shero. It is not necessary to only have academic achievements to be shero. Any woman who encourages other women to move forward in life, to become strong, courageous, and support gender equality is a shero. Any person from any country, any race, any religion, can become a shero.  On this mother’s day, why shouldn’t we thank our mothers for all the strength and hard work she showed throughout our lives? You can make this mother’s day a graceful one and thank your mother for being the shero of your life. You can use the online flower delivery in India to surprise your mother with great flowers.

So what are the ways you can become a shero too? What are the characteristics of a shero that make them who they are? Let’s see some of the features of a Shero:


The most important feature of being a shero is raising your voice against the wrong. Sheroes use their voice to have a difficult conversation, rather than being silent and accepting the wrong. A shero raises her voice for the ones who can’t raise theirs. You should learn to push your boundaries and understand that you are limitless. You have to understand your potential and stand against injustice. In this part, it is important to pay our respects to our mothers who always supported us and taught us to raise voice against injustice. Always be ready to face any obstacle and be brave enough to face it. They have sacrificed so much for us and the family, which needs courage. Some people may find it cliché, but our mothers are the strongest women in our lives. They are the sheroes of our lives. This mother’s day let’s celebrate our mothers with all the love they deserve. Send mother’s day flowers to your mother and thank your mother for everything.

2.      BE YOURSELF:

The most important and hard task for being a shero is to be yourself. It is the thing most people will belittle you for. You will be made feel guilty for who you are but you know who you are. You have to be unapologetically you, without needing anybody’s consent or validation. Being a people-pleaser will never help you become a shero. Stick to your beliefs, become the best version of yourself, irrespective of what society expects from you. Never let people’s opinions affect your individuality or beliefs. Create energy around you which makes people comfortable around you. Sticking to your beliefs even under hard circumstances is what makes you a shero.

3.      SELF LOVE:

Being a shero doesn’t require only hard work. It is necessary for you to take out time for yourself. Rest and reconnecting with you is an important part of being a shero. Along with resting and reconnecting, the other most important part is not comparing you to others. Self-love is the solution to all the hard work. Just remember to do your best and not compare yourself to others. You are the best version of yourself. At this point, you should thank your mother who made you proud of who you are. The person who taught you how to become strong and who remained strong throughout your life needs your love and respect. Let’s shower our mothers with all the love and respect she deserves on this mother’s day. Send mother’s day flowers to your mother through online flower delivery in India and surprise her with your gesture.


Valuing yourself and others is the key feature of being a shero. It is the most important of all the features as it makes you closer to what you want to achieve. Once you start respecting others and standing for their rights, you’ll become their shero and their admiration. Respecting and empowering others is the basic shero characteristic that makes you different from others. Being strong doesn’t mean you cannot show love and care towards others. Showing love is the most beautiful strength this world needs. So show love and respect towards yourself as well as others and become the shero.

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