Why You Should Participate In Hackathons

Data Science hackathons are becoming the norm of the AI industry. We can expect AI, data science and other machine learning tech skills to be experimented and applied in hackathon-inspired projects.

If you want to test the impact of any data science course, you must compete with the best.

Data Science hackathons

Here are top reasons why you should participate in hackathons organized by leading data science companies.

Competing with the Best minds

There are hundreds of bootcamps and hackathons organized during data science course. These are mostly led by the top trainers and diploma certification universities. Top ranked data science course hackathons allow professionals from diverse backgrounds to participate and compete in various hackathons– most of these testing analytical skills in C, TABLEAU, SAS Analytics, R, Python, and numerous other technical projects.

Testing Validity of your Data Science Projects

Millions of AI and ML data points undergo serious evaluation during the hackathons. These are mostly provided by the leading data mining and Big Data companies such as Google, SAP, Looker, Tableau, and Uber. These merit-based data science projects test the validity of Big Data analytics for event-based programs such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so on.

Other key programs tested during the hackathon projects include —

  • Uber’s customer experience and driver experience data
  • Amazon Big Billion Dollar Sale outcomes
  • Fake news assessment
  • Reverse Image Recognition for Journalism and Quiz competitions
  • Test results of examination, released online
  • Airline ticket and hotel booking system, as used by various companies such as Booking.com, Trivago, Airbnb, and so on

Discussion in Forum

You can basically start a conversation with anyone on the podium. During the data analytics conversations, participants often throw up unique case studies and challenges, discussing every topic under the roof. These usually range from careers to education to eating best food to stay fresh for the next ordeal in the project development cycle.

Interesting topics discussed in the data science hackathons include predictive intelligence on house rental prices in Pune, Mumbai’s local train timetable and availability series, charting the win-loss ratio of Indian cricket team, and casino outcomes.

The ones that I have attended have spoken on fast food trends that are driven by machine learning growth — backed by the rise of superfast food delivery companies like Swiggy, UberEats, Grub Hub, and Doordash.

Then, female hackathoners discuss how AI ML can actually prevent crimes against minors, women and elderly. Technologies that can prevent such crimes could be built on tools used in Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Biometric Data, and so on.

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

Hackathons are great place to gel with the industry insiders who know which job roles are making the cut through the competition, and how you can apply for those. Some recruitment companies hand-pick talent from such hackathons

If you have attended 10+ hackathons, you can become Data Science Hackathon Manager yourself. Requirements include AI assessment, Processflow for Hackathons on Sprint, and setting up the event agenda, in addition to managing ad hoc demands from hackathon projects.

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