Why you Should Host Your Own Blog

There are several large blogging platforms that allow you to setup and run a site at no cost. Why, then, do you need to sponsor your own?

Better SEO, complete control, more visitors and more revenue – even though those reasons will not apply if you’re not blogging for company!

Why host your own blog

When I started blogging out I started a blogger.com account. Because I was brand new to blogging that worked good for me in the time. I was a newbie that I didn’t even realise it had been possible to host my own blog.

it’s not something I’d have given a second’s thought to. I was too new to operating on the internet. I was (still am) totally non-techie and it would have been too daunting a job.

until I logged on a day to find that Google had translated all the pages to 28, I happily blogged away on my blogger account. So my IP address was , thinking they were being smart, employed by Google because the basis on which to make the choice to interpret 30, I live in Hong Kong.

Not being able to locate the help link (because I can’t read Chinese) I logged into my Google account (Adwords, Gmail, etc) to boost a request for them to translate my site back to English.

had happened. I hadn’t received a reply, I couldn’t read my admin screens, and that I was frustrated that Google should unilaterally choose to interpret my blog, therefore I kissed the significant G shifted my site around to WordPress.com

Free Host Blogs VS Paid Host

By this time I had learned about blogging to get noticed that WordPress was the spot to be. I erased all my old Blogger posts and began to learn WordPress. Given what I had discovered I looked forward to things

One thing I noticed was that my articles were unexpectedly figuring more rapidly in the natural search results, so it seemed as though at least a few of what I had heard was correct.

And I happily blogged away until

one day I tried to log on to be met with a notice my blog had been suspended for infringing WordPress’ terms and conditions. -And that I thankfully blogged off until…

DAMN. . !! Twice I had been blind-sided by my blogging platform and the first was not even more damaging than the occasion. (It doesn’t look too professional when your guests are told that your blog’s been optimized for infringing terms and requirements )

Thus I was pushed to the realisation that I had no option but to set up my own blog and host itself.

So off I clicked into WordPress.org to see what I could figure out. And I was pleasantly surprised

Firstly – the directions they have set out for installing and downloading a WP site are clear and easy to follow

There are a couple of minimum requirements put out. If you are not sure you can check with your supplier. Mine does, so I printed off the instructions and got going

First thing is to set the database up. Simple to do – that the instructions are very clear, so are written in non-techie language and include screen shots for each step along the way.

I then downloaded and unzipped the blog files, entered my newly created database details to the config file, (just followed the instructions), uploaded the files and obtained the installation screen through my browser (the URL is provided in the instructions). This kicked off the setup script and that I was done.

It was, literally, a 5-minute exercise

But, the majority of hosting providers give a Much easier method than that to you:

One click installation.

so I can not confirm whether a few more are involved or whether it really is one click I have never done a 1-click setup – but it’s definitely very simple and it will not involve any downloading, unzipping and downloading of all files

So what are the benefits of running your blog on your own server?

You have complete control. You can write whatever you like, it is possible to drive traffic to affiliate programs, no one is going to translate it and nobody is going to lose your database

You can customise it as much as you like. You do that by installing plug-ins – and you will find plugins for virtually whatever you would wish to do. You choose exactly what you want to do with your blog, then you may go to the WordPress plugin directory or perform a search for a plugin for the function you want.

Download the plug-in, unzip it, upload it and then activate it. It’s that easy. Really

However, of all the things you can do along with your blog, likely the biggest advantage of all comes in the search engine optimization elements

This turns your site into a remarkably productive method of figuring in the search results.

Optimising your site for the search engines is merely a matter of activating and installing the proper SEO. And you can find the ideal list of them in Jack Humphrey’s Authority Blackbook

you need to completely download this publication and adhere to the guidelines in there for aligning it correctly for the search engines If you have gone to the trouble of setting up your own blog.

it’s absolutely completely free and if your blog isn’t set up by you properly you are wasting an enormous portion of its own search engine optimization potential.


I’m now using my blog to draw traffic I have not (and will not) invest a penny on boosting it.

And my website is currently attracting a little over 50 percent of the whole traffic I am getting on a weekly basis – that’s traffic to my website plus traffic to all my other websites

Within the next year I am aiming for that to be over 80%.

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