Why Is Mystery Shopping Important for Organizations in Service Sector?

Have you ever wondered why some organizations flourish while others flounder in the service sector despite both having similar types of infrastructure and resources at their disposal? 

Well, it has a lot to do with how both treat their customers, and the one that knows the art of “treating customers like the king” is always ahead of the curve.    

So, whether you run a retail business or restaurants, financial institutions, bank or anything where customer services plays a key role,  you not only have to take your customers seriously but also have to treat them well. And, with so many outlets and stores in different parts of the country, how would you get to know whether your staff is taking customers seriously or doing their job well?

This is where mystery shopping comes to help. It’s a type of market research program aimed at assessing customer service level at any store or outlet. Organizations in the retail sector routinely hire mystery shoppers who visit their stores pretending to be like shoppers and then take stock of the customer service offered.    

With mystery shopping, any organisaiton offering service can secretly evaluate their performance of their staff or employee through a third-party company. Any company with motile branches or stores or malls can hire professionally trained shoppers to understand the type of experience customers have at their place.

Here are some of reasons why mystery shopping is important for businesses in the service sector? 

1. To improve customer service

Sales are interlinked to customer service and retail stores that understand this key business mantra always stay ahead of the race. While most businesses have plans and energy to measure and monitor sales, they sadly lack the will to focus on customer service. Some companies however are aware of the risks inherent in not giving customers the experience they deserve.  So, they trust mystery shopping program to get feedback on their staff which ultimately leads to improved customer service.

2. To evaluate employee behavior   

Mystery shopping is a great concept to evaluate and measure staff behavior in real time. Since staff generally behaves nice in front of managers and once they peer pressure is gone they are generally back to their normal self. With trained shoppers talking to your staff, asking questing about products and having conversations as if real customers do, this often gets the guard down. The inputs of such conversations can be used by the management to analyze staff behavior and then bring relevant changes to their motivation level.

3. To maintain consistency of service across stores

Service sector organizations always want all their stores or outlets to deliver excellent service to customers. This however never happens and while some of their locations may perform up to expectations there will always be others that need some course correction. But then, a good company knows that such variations in services across branches could have a server impact on the overall brand value and also on the sales and revenue. That is why they need to benefit from mystery shopping program and ensure that consistency is maintained across stores.   

4. To boost employee loyalty and work ethics    

A timely mystery shopping program can do wonders for any organisaiton that looks for ways to boost its sales on the back of improved customer service. Many companies use secret shoppers to check whether their employees are maintaining the work environment, doing them job competently and showing loyalty to brand they are associated with. Since staff will also be aware about such programs but may not distinguish between real and secret customers, this will keep them on their toes all the time which can help gradually improve their performance level as well.    

5. To foster a sense of healthy competition among the staff 

If used well, mystery shopping can be a potent tool to foster a sense of healthy competition among the staff as they will try to outdo each other or try to perform better than the other outlets. In a lot of cases, this type of market research has actually helped boost team morale to a great extent as then employees gradually start presenting themselves as brand ambassadors.


Mystery shopping is clearly a wonderful program that retail businesses should benefit from through a private detective agency in Mumbai as it can positively affect their sales and revenue and bring them on par with the best in the industry.

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