Why Enhanc is Better than other Online Flipbook Creator

This article tells you about why Enhanc is better than other online flipbook creator. Let’s begin.

Enhanc is one of the best flipbook creator software programs available in the web market. Nevertheless, before making any statement, we have to provide some evidence that can make you believe why Enhanc is better than other online flipbook creator software.

Talking about the present, you would find a lot of flipbook creator software programs accessible, because of the increasing demand of these software programs and the paradigm shift towards digital publishing from old school traditional paper printed publishing. This shift has further accelerated in 2020 owing to the pandemic. People these days are keeping themselves away from touching and handling paper printed publications, as a result, the demand for online flipbook creator software has skyrocketed. Publishers and business owners are counting on online flipbook creator software programs to meet their publishing requirements.

Keeping in view of the fact that there are numerous flipbook creator software programs available in the market, why Enhanc is better than other online flipbook creator software, we need to find this in this write up.

Without a doubt, the factors which make Enhanc stand out from the rest are the astounding features. Enhanc has some most advanced features which makes it a clear winner. Let’s talk about them one after one.

Video add button

Videos no doubt have the capability to keep hold interest of the readers. And a big percentage of readers expect videos in your publication, this is the reason Enhanc is offering video add button in its Basic plan. More often than not, the flipbook creator software vendors offer this feature in their pro or higher plans; on the contrary Enhanc provides this feature in its Basic plan, which is the most cost effective in the market.

Custom branding

Enhanc lets you do custom branding. You can design your flipbooks using Enhanc the way that suits your brand. You can choose colors and themes which match your brand. Enhanc offers a range of customization tools that help you to control visual appearance of your digital flipbooks. You can add your brand’s logo in your publications. It can help you develop your powerful identity over the web.

Universal responsiveness

Whatever operating system, device, or browser your readers are using they would see the best version of your publications. This feature of Enhanc lets you enjoy universal responsiveness. It can increase your reach like never before. A lot of people do not keep this factor in mind and later regret their decision of not considering this factor.

Lead generation tool

Enhanc can work for your business as a lead generation tool. If you are a marketer, you can integrate lead generation form in your publication and garner important data associated with your users that can help you convert them from leads to customers. You can make your lead generation capabilities better.

Reporting & Analytics

You can get all data pertaining to your readers such as which operating system, device, or browser they are making use of to view your content. Further, you will get to know which page of your publication get the most views and spend time, and which advertisement of your publication gets the most clicks. You can also integrate Google Analytics into your publication to track and monitor each and every minute detail regarding your reader engagement.

SEO feature

What is SEO? It is search engine optimization. It is basically the process of implementing components in your content so that it feels great for web crawlers and of course the users. Enhanc digital publishing platform helps you to add those components in your publications so that it ranks higher over search engine result pages.

Aforementioned points have made clear why Enhanc is better than other online flipbook creator.

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