Why Do You Need To Take Appropriate Measures For Fire In UAE?

Fire is a dangerous element because it can destroy anything in minutes. For this reason, you need to take extra precautions against it. Every year, fire accidents destroy multi-million dollars worth of properties and goods. Some active measures can prevent these accidents from happening.

Compared to other countries, the fire fighting system in UAE is more advanced and proactive. To prevent fire-related accidents, the first thing you need to do is appoint a fire fighting consultant. The fire maintenance service UAE is one of the most reputed companies in this field.

What kind of service is expected from a fire fighting company?

Fire fighting companies take multiple preventive measures on your property for any fire-related accidents. These measures include multiple types of services.

  • Fire Equipment Installation
  • Fire Protection System
  • Fire Pumps and Controllers
  • Annual Fire Maintenance Contract

Why Fire Equipment Installation is necessary

Fire Equipment detects possible fire situations in advance and alarms the bell for fire prevention. Fire sprinklers and smoke detectors are the most important fire prevention apparatus. Smoke detectors measure the excessive level of carbon dioxide. It will trigger the alarm if it detects a high level of carbon dioxide in a room.

Similarly, Fire sprinklers measure the temperature of a room. It triggers automatically if the room becomes too hot. Every year, these two apparatuses prevent millions of fire accidents worldwide. Licensed fire fighting companies in Dubai can install them properly appropriate to the guideline.

What is included in the Fire Protection System? 

The fire protection system becomes very useful when the fire spread rapidly and the first fire suppression system becomes unsuccessful to prevent the expansion of the fire. Controllers, fire extinguishers, water pumps, and emergency exit lights are the important parts of the fire protection system.

With their effective use, you can prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the property. It also minimizes the damage from the fire. It is also a legal obligation to commercial property owners to install an appropriate fire protection system on the property.

The importance of Fire Pumps and Controllers

The fire controller is an automated system that identifies the fire location and sends the water flow to the fire sprinkler of that location. At that same time, fire pumps maintain the water supply to the system and help diminish the fire as soon as possible.

Both of these types of equipment are essential for commercial buildings. Thanks to their effective work, many big fire accidents have been averted on time. Due to their effectiveness, the Dubai government has made it mandatory for large buildings and commercial properties.

Annual Fire Maintenance Contract

All the fire safety equipment is very sophisticated and complicated. These fire apparatuses have to be ready all the time for fire extinguishing. For this reason, regular checkups and maintenance are necessary. You need to hire a licensed Fire Maintenance contracting company for this task.

Every quarter, this company will come to your location and check all fire-related apparatuses for their working condition. After this inspection, they will issue a safety certificate. By the law of the UAE government, you have to submit this safety certificate to the fire department.

Cost of fire prevention measures?

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of fire prevention measures is affordable. The cost depends on multiple factors. The size of the property and inflammable items inside is a variable factor here. If the size of the property is small then the fire prevention cost will be less.

On the other hand, you need to double fire prevention measures for a factory or commercial space. For these types of fire safety installation, the cost can increase a little bit. You need to discuss the pricing with Fire Maintenance contracting company in Dubai.

Fire fighting companies minimize the risk of big fire and destructions related to it. 99% time their prevention system works and prevents large-scale fire accidents. For this reason, fire safety measures are necessary for property insurance coverage.

The insurance company may refuse to pay the compensation if they find any negligence with fire safety protocol. If you don’t install appropriate fire safety measures on the property, then you are violating the law. Law enforcement agencies of the UAE government can close down your property for this reason.

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