Why do you need armored guard money transport?

There are many aspects of a growing business mark its growth: More employees. More customers. More assets. More (and hopefully positive) cash flows. Undoubtedly, these are all good things. On the other hand, what many owners often overlook are growing risks. Simply put, the more you have, the more you can lose.

What are those risks? Typically they’re:

  1. Responsibilities for the security (secure cash transport) and well-being of your customers and employees as well as for performance failures;
  2. Competitive risks that can undermine future growth;
  3. Industry stability risks due to fire, loss of key accounts, loss of key people, sabotage and so-called “acts of God;” and,
  4. Risks related to losses due to theft, both internal and external.

Insurance, a partial solution.  

Though insurance is usually available to protect most of these risks, and thereby protect the business, systems armored transport can be a big help to increase your personal safety and that of your employees—not only for cash businesses but many others, too. In fact, small or individual business holder usually think about armored transportation for currency, coins, and checks, as secured transportation but it’s also suitable for the secure transportation of:

  1. Jewels and precious metals
  2. Rare artwork and collectibles
  3. Outdated pharmaceuticals
  4. Software or highly sensitive information or data

What is the value of your cash?  

  1. Armed guard money transport is an important part of a larger cash services business that includes securely moving cash and valuables; counting and depositing cash; providing change; replenishing ATMs; providing safety to your employees and customers, and providing custody of critical keys to locked facilities.
  2. Armored Cash carrier Services are more affordable than most business owners might expect. The rate of recurrence of your armored transportation services defines—during which armed guards in an armored truck security transport your cash or valuables from your place of business to the final target—the daily cost can represent a very small cost. As a result, you remove from your own shoulders all risks associated with transporting your valuables and provide safety to your employees and patrons. You also can expect a reduction in your insurance premium with your insurance company because you reduced your own personal risks.

What is the value of your time and safety?

By hiring an armored transportation and cash vault services, you’re not only securing your asset, but you’re also securing your life and that of your employees by refraining from moving your own cash, unprotected. Additionally, you’re saving time that can be better spent focused on your business and customers.

For a small or individual business pickup charge, you can save much more in time and payroll by having employees concentrate on their daily tasks and serving your customers, rather than having them or go back and forth to your bank twice a week to make deposits and get change. All without protection. Talk about risky business!

Time to de-risk your business

If your time is appreciated, you will think twice about handling your valuables yourself. To find out more about how armored Cash Services can take over those chores for you—and provide highly trained armed protection at the same time—contact your nearest armored car money transport or Cash Services representative or visit


There are plenty of risks to transfer the money from one place to another, but if you want to transfer your money effortlessly and safely then smart safe cash management and systems armored transport can help you drastically. It not just transfer your money to the right place but also work on the security of your money.


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