Why and who declared pink as only girl color

Being a boy and wearing pink in this society has become a crime. If you happen to wear a pink, then there are only two reasons. Either you are offending girls around you, or you are a gay. We all know that this is not like this. I have seen many guys who are not gay or don’t have any intentions to offend someone but still likes to wear pink. People just love colors without explanation. You cannot expect someone to explain to you why he like that color. But, when the feminist girls start to claim ownership on the pink color as they invented it, then the things start getting bad.

This raises a question in our mind that why and who declared pink as only girl color? Being a blogger, I dig into this topic and find out some information regarding pink and its association which I am going to give you in the next lines.

It was all white:

Before this discrimination in the colors, white was the color for all. Either it is a boy or a girl; the first dresses were needed to be in white to show the pureness of the baby. It was the brand and their different marketing tactics that started classifying the colors into the genders. It was the magazines like the Times Magazines that started declaring which color is for which gender.

The Great War divided the colors:

According to some reports, it seems like the World War 2 created its impact on the color division. That era is famous for the depression but it is the same era in which the soft color like pink started to make its impact on the women and they were accepting it with the open heart. The retailers of that era were pushing to sell all the feminine accessories in pink color, and the few left designers who were trying to keep the fashion industry alive were also working on the pink floral dresses as far as women clothing was concerned. Now all the efforts to associate pink with the girls has paid off and every girl wants to buy pink dresses from shopping malls or online shopping malls via using GearBest promo code & free shipping  for the discount.

We are still following the cliche:

When the trend to associate pink color with women, it has become a cliche for every woman to fill her wardrobe with the pink color dresses. It was considered to be a cliche then because everyone was doing it. But now, we are still in the midst of the society that firmly believes that the pink is only for girls and whenever a boy uses something of pink color, the eyebrows get raised of everyone.

To witness this on extreme, just visit a store’s infant and toddlers section. You will see a complete contrast of blue and pink. You would find only these two colors on the shelf. Blue for the infant boys and pink for the infant girls. Unfortunately, this segmentation has widened the gap between gender equality and both the genders are now fighting over such small things like the color association.

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