WHMIS – An Insightful Course

ProSAP forklift and equipment training is a well renowned company situated in Ottawa. They provide Forklift Training Ottawa, certification courses and services to many well known companies. ProSAP has a course for forklift operators, which is very essential and extremely informative. This course is required for the well being of the employees and their safety. This course is short and easy to take. At the end of the course, each employee will receive a card wallet too!

Ottawa forklift license has the second largest population in Ontario, Canada, the largest is Toronto. There are lots of job opportunities in this city such as forklift driving. Companies are always looking for professional and competent forklift operators to man their warehouses and worksites. In order for you to get a job, you must have a forklift certification. Introduce your professional background and prove your skills, and you might become the perfect candidate for the job.

The WHMIS course takes about 1.5 hours to complete and can be taken from any computer with an internet connection. Employees can log in and out as many times as needed. The course material is divided into small modules. At the end of reviewing each module the user will take a short quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz the user will move to the next module. The course contains introduction & regulations, roles & responsibilities, symbols, labels, controlled products, MSDS forms, interactive exercises.

ProSAP trains individuals in the proper operation of material handling equipment. Their traditional business model is to educate operators in the safe and proper operation of material handling equipment. ProSAP’s goal is to build long term relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customers service by providing proper instruction operating forklift trucks and material handling equipment.

ProSAP has trained over 6500 employees and conducted over 1500 classes including forklift operator training, fall protection, working at heights, aerial work platform training, WHMIS Training  Ottawa, supervisor awareness, overhead crane, accessibility training, train the trainer and battery handling. ProSAP has the designation of factory trained by Raymond Corporation, Skyjack Inc, Working at Heights approved by the Chief Prevention Officer and WHMIS 2017.

Today, they have 4 trainers with over 17 years experience in the material handling industry who have trained on all class of forklift trucks for the distribution centre such as SCM Wal-Mart Distribution Centre, TDL -Tim Horton’s Distribution Centre, etc.

This certification is a great addition to your resume. This course makes you a holistic person and will give you some perspective about the kind of job opportunities. You can bring your expertise into the job and this course will help you put it into practice. The insight this course will give you will help you with your future endeavours.



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