Where to Find the Best Quality Plywood in Delhi?

Apart from being one of the biggest cities in India, Delhi is also one of the biggest wood and timber markets in the country. The northwestern part of the city is thought to be the biggest exporter of timber in India. There are thousands of timber suppliers in this area. Some of them are operating in the domestic market. Some of them are operating in the domestic as well as international market.

The businessmen trade in every type of wood that there is. There are exclusive suppliers for plywood, doors, logs, sheets, pliesetc. There are some big traders as well who operate only in the wholesale segment. They have all the wood products that are presently available in the market. The infrastructure developers actually have tie-ups with traders for supplying the wood for their properties.

Why Delhi?

There are several reasons for Delhi being the biggest market in the country. The first reason is that you can find the best quality plywood in this city. The big players offer their products readily in the city and there are multiple dealers and retailers for them in the city. They create the best product with the aim of higher customer satisfaction. This is also why Delhi’s market has gained popularity in the whole world. It is said that the suppliers here export to around 100 countries in the world. This is a very big feat.

The second reason is the affordability of their products. The Delhi NCR belt is one of the cheapest sources of timber supply in the world. The reason why they were able to dominate in India is because of the affordable prices of the wood. It doesn’t matter why people are using plywood. The purpose can be personal as well as commercial. The main thing everybody looks for is the cheap availability.

The third and most important reason is the supply chain. Delhi is the capital of India which makes it easy for the suppliers to supply their products in the whole world. The high availability of EXIM agencies in the area is a big advantage. The time required for permits is comparatively less as well.

Where to get your plywood?

This question can be answered as per what your needs are. Several factors decide which will be the optimum place for you to buy plywood. There are several areas in Timber block in Delhi, wherein all the traders supply products related to wood.

  • Dealers and Wholesalers

People who are building their homes, offices, etc. tend to buy plywood from the dealers and  wholesalers in the area. The reason for that is there is a minimum buying quantity that you have to buy from them. The cheapest and the best plywood is available with them but you have to buy a particular amount from them to avail yourself the discounts.

  • Retailers

Those who need a small number of plywood go to the retailer. These people require plywood for repair work or making a new piece of furniture. The requirement is small thus only the retailers sell plywood in small amounts.


There will be a lot of suppliers that you will find in the market. What you need to know is whether they have goodwill in the market or not. Apart from that, you need to see whether they supply MR (Water Resistant) and BWP grade plywood or not. These are several things that you need to consider before purchasing plywood for your homes. A decision made with proper research will always be in your favor.


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