Those who dress nicely at work boost their chances of being promoted, in addition to looking well and gaining confidence. Beyond selecting the made to measure suits Sharjah, here are five other ways to improve your appearance.

Benefits of Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suits and clothing are a perfect fit and less inconvenient than shopping for ready-to-wear options. It can be time-consuming and challenging to discover something that truly fits your personality and needs while shopping off-the-rack. This process can be excruciating if you do not enjoy shopping.

Instead, when you have clothing made for you by the Best tailors shop in Sharjah, you will get something uniquely made for you (the clothes fitting you instead of you fitting the clothes). When you take the bespoke or custom route with a Gents tailor shop in Sharjah, you get a schedule for when your suit will be finished; then you go pick it up.

1 Necktie length

When wearing a suit, one of the most prevalent fashion faux pas is wearing a necktie either too short or too long. Select a tie that reaches only to the top of your belt. Anything longer or shorter will make you look unattractive.

2 Remove static cling with a dryer

Static cling can draw dust to your suit, making it appear dirty. You can avoid this by rubbing a dryer sheet or crumpled piece of aluminum foil against the suit to eliminate static electricity.

3 Necktie Contrast with Shirt

To generate contrast and make the tie stand out, choose a necktie that is a darker tint than your shirt. Choosing a necktie that is lighter than the shirt will draw attention to the shirt rather than the tie. Making your necktie stand out improves your overall appearance.

4 Have a handy lint roller

Suits are more prone to lint and hair than other clothing. You can avoid wearing a soiled garment by keeping a lint roller in your pocket to quickly remove the particles. If you roll it on your suit, the sticky surface will pick up any dirt it comes into contact with.

5 Opt for a charcoal-colored suit

A black suit is overly formal, and the hue is often unappealing. On the other hand, suits of other hues appear to be overly casual. Choose a charcoal-colored suit to establish a lovely balance between casual and formal. Having a charcoal suit allows you to dress appropriately for practically any event.

6 Unfasten the bottom button

Regardless of how many buttons your suit jacket has, always unfasten the lowest one to reduce stress on the lower area of the jacket. Fastening the bottom button can damage the cloth, especially when you sit, in addition to looking odd.

7 Use suits with thin pinstripes

Choose suites with narrow lines rather than thick ones if you desire pinstripes. Wide pinstripes are unattractive since they divert attention away from your suit. Opt for big plaid patterns instead if you want to keep your clothing pattern-free.

8 Remove minor wrinkles with a hairdryer

If you don’t have time to take your suit to the dry cleaners, you can de-wrinkle it with a hairdryer. Small creases are smoothed out by the dryer’s heat, while more prominent wrinkles may not be flattened. The use of a hot steam iron may be possible if the label permits it.

9 Wear matching socks and trousers

If you’re wearing black trousers, pair them with black socks. If you match the colors of the two clothes, they will mix together and hide your socks even if you lift your pants to reveal them.

10 Stay away from off-the-rack suits

Standard sizes are used in off-the-rack suits, leaving no room for customization. It would be hard to locate an off-the-rack case that fits your physique correctly, which is why a bespoke suit is preferable. Suits that are customized follow your body dimensions to fit your shape better.

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