What makes Python vital for data science?

There is no doubt that Python is one of the most popular programming languages today as Python certification has become one of the leading courses in the field of computer science. Being open source and user friendly, Python has been topping the list of several surveys worldwide. Python has found application on a range of fields including web development and scripting but in the field of data science, it has emerged as the most preferred by data scientists, analysts and machine learning experts worldwide!

Let’s take a look on how data scientists use Python:

  • Performing advanced mathematical and scientific computing in Python

NumPy is a Python library with the help of which data scientists love to perform advanced and complicated scientific computations for data analytics. It has the ability to support multi-dimensional arrays and offers great mathematical functions to deal with such arrays.

  • Using Python Machine learning libraries and frameworks

Machine learning is one of the advanced domains of AI which has become imperative for data scientists as it lets them create smart systems capable of taking decisions on its own.

Scikit-learn and TesnsorFlow are two most popular python libraries that are used for building custom machine learning models.

  • The Pandas Python library is instrumental for data manipulation and data munging

Data structures and operations are very important for the manipulation of data and Pandas offer dedicated data structures tailor made for data science operations.

Stack Overflow claimed in 2017 that it recorded more than 5 million queries related to Pandas!

Data scientists at leading companies like Google and Facebook have reported using the Pandas Python library for various data analytics operations. It is important to note that Python is one of the official languages of Google.

  • Building Deep learning neural networks for Python

Neural networks can be described as mathematical functions that maps a given data into a desired output.

It has a lot of similarity with the human brain and are used to build smart futuristic machines like self-driving cars and in Natural Language Processing.

Data scientists use Python for easily creating Neural Network class and Keras,written in Pythonis one of the best open source neural network library available today.

  • Data visualization with Python

Data visualization is easy and effective with Matplotlib which is another popular Python library.

Data visualization is extremely important for data scientists as it helps them to visually understand data sets and use such visualization effectively to communicate with all the stake holders. Hence, it can be understood that proficiency in Python has become vital for data scientists as it is one of the key tools and a Python certification can help you a lot if you are aiming at a career in data science.

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