What is the lifespan of a shapewear?

Wondering how long will your shapewear last? Well, there are a number of reasons on which the lifespan of your shapewear depends.

The first thing to focus on is that quality plays a major role here. The higher the quality of the fabric and the better the construction of the garment is, the longer it can last without tearing apart or losing its elasticity.

However, even the best body shaper is not meant to last forever. The very nature of the garment needs you to be delicate with them. They are meant to hide below dresses and offer the strength to cinch your body, slim it down and lift it in the needed areas. Surely, that will rip off after sometime and of course, it is meant to happen much faster when you wear your shaper daily.

This is why it is suggested to take proper care of your shapewear because right care will help you take your shapewear go a long way and keep your piece intact and efficient. Here are some tips to help you enhance the lifespan of your shapewear.

Always be polite with your shapewear and never toss it in the wash

You don’t have to wash your shapewear every time you wear it. However, after a few times, you may have to wash it.

First, check out the washing instructions available on the labels of the best body shaper before doing anything. For any queries, contact the retailer. While some shapewear can be machine washed, others need to be hand washed.

Always use a mild detergent to wash the shapewear and hang or lay flat to let it dry on its own.

If it is a mesh shapewear, then hand wash it with lukewarm water using a baby shampoo. Rinse and hang to dry. Make sure you don’t wring it.

Storage of the shapewear

It is suggested to body shapers with utmost care. Never crumple your waist trainer wrap or corsets in a drawer as it may hamper its boning. Never iron your shapewear because of the synthetic fabric that they are made of. Do put them under sunlight to dry.

It is suggested to lay your body shapers flat in the closet or drawer. If there aren’t any hanger bumps, then you can also hang some of them.

If you want to dress your best, then everything begins with choosing the best shapewear for yourself and taking good care of them so that they last long and yield the best benefits to you.

Taking care of your body shaper will not just help you enhance the lifespan of the clothing but also help you look your best every time you wear them. You can further feel the comfort and relief when you wear a shapewear that has been well taken care of.

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