What is the Healthy Disagreement Resolution Cycle and How You Can Benefit Too?

Fights in relationships are inevitable. When we talk of relationships, it does not signify martial relationships alone. It could be paternal or brotherly as well. No matter whom you are thinking about, you need to understand what the disagreement resolution cycle looks like and how you can benefit from the formulae mentioned above.

Following are the steps included in the cycle.

Fundamentals of the Healthy Disagreement Resolution Cycle

When it comes to sharing relationships, factors such as open and clear communication, having a high emotional quotient, and several other factors play a vital role. Here are they in detail.

  • Take steps before disagreements happen. Now, as per the experts in online therapy, it is natural to have fights. However, ensure that you have given complete details about what things are normal when you are angry and what things could be done to cool you down.
  • Next, define the nature of disagreements. As a partner, you need to dig deeper into the factors that made the other person upset. The experts in online therapy suggest that try understanding the real reason behind the anger and whether or not it is rational or not. In case it is rational, ease your way out with mutual understanding, and if not, then find why.
  • In case both of you have been releasing fumes, lets things down and remain as it is until reason kicks back in.
  • Once both of you have calmed down, ensure to take the firsts to step to mend all things back in shape.

Concluding Remarks

While numerous things can go with it, it is wise to stick to the framework and build a foundational understanding in the long run. If done properly, it would help your relationship to nurture for years or even decades to come.

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