What is Data Cabling Service?

The voice, video, data and other electronic means of transmission and communication are everyday but still integral and most important part of any organisation. To ensure guaranteed service of basics of voice and data are available proper structured Cabling at the right place and in right network infrastructure should be done. The structured Cabling needs utmost care along with proper service and support. This service of proper installation of structured cable and its maintenance is known as Data Cabling Services.

Structured data Cabling is the end result. It’s like the building. Like a building has many floors, the structured data Cabling has a number of standardised smaller systems also known as the subsystems. The structured Cabling design and installation is governed by a specific set of rules. It has various specifications for wiring data centres, for data or voice communication and also the type of cable and connectors to be used. These standards also specify how to lay the wiring in different situations In order to meet the customer needs.

It is a common practice to color code patch panel cables to be able to identify the type of connection. It is not a compulsion by Standards but it is a general practice. The standards require color code to be mentioned at the demarcation wall.

The structured Cabling is divided into six major subsystems.

1. Entrance Facilities: It is the point where the wiring by the telephone company ends and the wiring of the customer premises start.

2. Equipment Room: It is the store house for all the wiring of the house. The consolidation of the wiring is done here.

3. Backbone Cabling: It is a connection between the equipment room and the entrance facility.

4. Horizontal Cabling Wiring: It is the inside wiring that connects the telecommunications room to the work areas.

5. Telecommunication rooms: It is the connection between Backbone Cabling and Horizontal Cabling.

6. Work area components: It connects the horizontal Cabling system and the end user equipment.

Thus the structured data cabling London city is the critical back bone of any communication system. It is design and installation of cables in such a way that it will support various hardwares today and also cater the needs of tomorrow. It is designed in such a manner that any amendment in the future will be supported and need for new wiring won’t be required.

Steps for Structured Data Cabling

For proper and dynamic data Cabling following steps are undertaken.

• Properly designing the structured cable system so as to meet the client’s requirement.

• Preparation of the structured Cabling specifications in accordance with the design.

• Planning, budgeting and engineering reviews.

• Construction of plan review and standard compliance.

• Development of database for the cable management.

• Actual Installation of the structured cables

Steps for installation of structured Cabling

• Installation of copper and fibre optic cables.

• Installation of the air blown fibre systems.

• Installation of wire racks, cabinets, and patch panels.

• Cable certification and compliance testing.

• Project management service.

• Maintenance services and warranty.

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