What is AWS? Explain the basics and benefits you should know!

Let us briefly look at AWS. AWS provides cloud computing services. This is a general term for web services provided by Amazon. In addition, the “AWS Certification” demonstrates AWS cloud capabilities.

As mentioned above, AWS certification consists of three levels: “Basic Course”, “Associate” and “Professional”. In addition, there are four AWS certification exam roles and five professional roles.

Its service content is IT resources

  • When you need it
  • Only as much as you need
  • At a low price

It is a service that can be used.

In the case of AWS, AWS owns the physical computer. The user pays the usage fee only for the amount used depending on the time used and the amount of data used.

What is the AWS “Basic Course” Cloud Trainer?

Next, I will elaborate on the “Basic Study” of AWS. The basic course is at the entrance level of the AWS Certificate Examination, and if you pass, you will be awarded the title of “Cloud Practitioner”.

This proves that you have mastered the basics of AWS course in Chandigarh. The Cloud Practitioner selection is for individuals who can explain the basic knowledge and skills of the AWS cloud and their understanding of the bigger picture.

In addition to technology and management, 6 months of AWS experience in the fields of finance, sales and buying is a guide to the exam. You need a basic knowledge of the IT cloud and knowledge of how to use technology on the AWS operating system.

Cloud Practitioner is the “Associate” certification and professional certification, as recommended for the next step.

Ability to understand through the cloud trainer’s certification

From here, we will look specifically at the skills that can be understood by getting certified as a cloud trainer. AWS defines the capabilities that can be verified by Cloud Trainer certification as follows:

  • Explain what an AWS cloud is and the basic global infrastructure.
  • Explain the basic architectural principles of the AWS cloud
  • Explain the value proposition of the AWS cloud
  • Explain the key services and public service utility events of the AWS site (eg computer, analysis, etc.)
  • Explain the basic features of AWS platform security and compliance and explain shared security models Identify documents and technologies support resources (e.g. white documents, support tickets, etc.) with a clear understanding of billing, account management and pricing models Basic of deploying and operating on the AWS cloud and Important features.

The above is a basic knowledge of the cloud. If you are certified as a cloud trainer, you may decide that you have a comprehensive foundation. This not only allows the company to objectively determine individual capabilities, but also gives them a sense of trust in their customers. It will be determined that the cloud trainer’s title level is not limited to speech.

Cloud Practitioner is the first step in AWS certification exams

Cloud Practitioners is a step towards professional and associate certification in AWS course in London exams. By getting certified, you can determine if you have the basic knowledge and skills related to AWS cloud. Recruiters should see if an applicant is certified as a Cloud Trainer.

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