What is an asphalt finisher?

First of all, what is an asphalt finisher? It is a construction machine used to pave asphalt by the Asphalt paving contractors. Therefore, we play an active part in construction sites such as roads and parking lots.

The asphalt paving work, begin by firmly laying down the roadbed and then work on laying the asphalt. That’s when the asphalt finisher plays a big role!

Asphalt finisher

Broadly speaking, the structure is classified into the following four points.

  • A basket-like device for loading hopper asphalt mixture
  • A part to drag the engine body (tractor like)
  • A device for spreading screed asphalt. It is spread according to the paving width and heated to a certain temperature so that the asphalt mixture does not solidify.
  • Motor for moving the entire diesel engine body

Although there are differences depending on the manufacturer, there is a driver’s seat behind the hopper, and a type with a screed behind it is more common.

How to use asphalt finisher

Operation is basically done by two people except for small ones. Driver to operate the vehicle and, people to operate the screed divided into will continue to the paving of roads. Vehicles are classified according to the width of the screed.

Some of the large vehicles have a screed width of 9 to 12 meters, but in asphalt pavements of roads and parking lots, except in special cases, most sites use vehicles of around 6 meters.

It is said that there are many senses in which the experience says things.

If you are not familiar with it, reduce your speed, layout apart and repeat the work to check consistency!

Mechanism of asphalt finisher

How does an asphalt finisher work?

First of all, the material to be fed from the hopper is fed to the screed part.  And it is a mechanism that screed spreads the material that has been sent.

Asphalt finisher has two types of travel functions

There are 2 types of travel types, crawler type, and wheel type. What’s the difference is that there are differences in the functions of the running part!

Difference between crawler-type and wheel type

A type:That travels with crawler type caterpillar. Although public roads cannot run, the advantage is that the ground contact area is wide and stability is high. It is used at steep sites and sites with soft ground. Caterpillar

B type:- That travels with a wheel type tire. Therefore, if you get the number as a large special car, you can run on public roads as well!

It is used for laying asphalt, which is the main task of the work.

However, the asphalt finisher will appear at a very late stage of work, and there is a lot of work by then.

Asphalt pavement is important at first.

A well-fixed roadbed and a stable roadbed are essential. If you lose your interest in that part, you will create a bad road with a very short life span! After paving work, it is time for asphalt finisher at the laying stage! The speed of asphalt finisher at work is quite slow, but it is important to keep on moving without stopping at a constant speed in order to lay the asphalt on the clean. In the unlikely event that there is no asphalt mixture in the hopper, it may be necessary to run dump trucks loaded with the mixture in parallel.

Once the asphalt finisher lays the asphalt, finally it is compacted with a road roller and done!

Asphalt finisher’s driving qualification [acquisition condition]

Alright! Let’s talk about the qualification conditions for those who drive asphalt finishers on the actual site. There are two types of qualifications required!

Required qualifications

1 · Vehicle-based construction machine (for land preparation, transportation, loading, and drilling) driving skills training

2 · Testing of construction equipment construction technicians

Vehicle-related construction machine (used for land preparation, transportation, loading, and digging)

By the way, when working with asphalt finisher, it is necessary to receive skill training called vehicle system construction machine (for ground preparation, transportation, loading and digging) driving skill class.

After completing this skill class, you will receive a certificate for completing the skill class. In the case of skill training, the level of difficulty is not high. If anything, you will be concerned about the time required for completion. The required time varies depending on the qualifications and work experience you have already acquired!

Construction machine construction engineer qualification

Besides vehicle type construction machine operation skill training, even if it passes the test of construction machine construction engineer, it can handle asphalt finisher.

If you acquire this, you will be given the right to instruct construction as well as operation and operation at the site where you use a construction machine, and to direct as a manager!

Of course, it can be expected that the salary increase can be aimed at and the qualification allowance. There are 1st and 2nd classes, each with practical and departmental exams. First, let’s challenge from the second grade with a high passing rate.

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