Understanding The Concept of SEO Friendly Websites

Having an SEO friendly website is less a fad and more a necessity these days as it helps businesses perform well in search engines. Such websites not only rank higher in search engines but also go on to achieve better visibility online. And when that happens, a business stands to gain more visitors, more conversions, more leads and more sales.

Since most of the searches are performed through search engines like Google, it’s very important for your website to do well there so that it can appear in front of potential customers when they search for products and services. It however takes some effort in creating an SEO friendly website but you can easily do it either all by yourself or by hiring the services of an expert.

SEO friendly websites need to have these elements –

  • Each page of such websites needs to have unique titles and descriptions to describe (to search engines) what the page is all about and gain preference in rankings.
  • When you talk of SEO friendly sites, it means they have well-formatted URLs (permanent links) which are descriptive and all in lower case.
  • Your website is SEO friendly only when it has fast loading pages as neither search engines nor users like pages that load slow
  • If your website loads within 2 seconds, you can be sure that it will generate more user interactions due to more preferences by ranking algorithms
  • Websites that are SEO friendly have unique content with absolutely no shade of plagiarism and with the focus to engage, inform and enrich users through the content
  • SEO friendly websites are those that have images optimized for search engines as this not only helps search engines in giving better rankings to concerned pages but the content also becomes more engaging
  • Pages of such websites will have a meaningful structure with elements like page title, header, breadcrumb menu, footer and author information and so on.

When you have an SEO friendly site it means your focus is to achieve more value for your site on search engines and add value to your business.

Benefits of Having an SEO friendly Website

Being online and not having an SEO friendly website is quite like “taking to the sea without having the skills of swimming”. And we know in both cases the results are going to be disastrous. So, if you want your business and website to show more visibility on the search engine you got to have optimization.

Here are some of the benefits of having an SEO friendly website-

  1. More organic traffic

SEO friendly sites get more traffic from search engines compared to the rest as they appear higher in search engine result pages and are more likely to feature when users search online. With more traffic to the site, it’s never tough to guess that it will have a huge positive impact on the overall performance of your business.

  1. Better user experiences

When a website is designed using SEO principles, it gives a better user experience and that’s why achieve better conversion rates. Users will always find it easier to use these sites and when that happens, your website will get more trust resulting in superior performance across metrics.

  1. Brand awareness & brand credibility

Since SEO friendly websites are more likely to appear in the first pages of search engines, hence users will see them more and this will have a great brand awareness value. When that happens on a sustained basis, your brand credibility can always jump on the web to bring desired results.

  1. Cost-effective

Websites that are SEO friendly will get more targeted traffic without having to spend much money. After all, optimization is not costly at all and that’s why it’s always a core of marketing for most businesses, particularly smaller ones. You can use the power of search engine optimization and gain amazing results without much investment.

  1. Know your customers

SEO is always a great tool when it comes to analyzing the behavior of users and understanding their tastes and preferences. You can easily know what they click, how much time they spent on the site when they clicked and so on. Based on such parameters, you can tweak your site and make it perform better in search engines.

  1. Target mobile users

SEO can help your business target the ever-growing tribe of mobile users and win their attention. With more people searching through mobile devices, it’s important to keep your website search engine friendly and let it appear more frequently in front of your potential users. This can always help you achieve more for your investment and make your business grow.

Clearly, there is always a great benefit in hiring an SEO expert India and let it change your site according to the demands of search engines and users alike.

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