The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Lead Generation

Buying a real estate product might be the biggest investment in someone’s life. So people take a proper time interval to make their buying decisions. In the modern world of smartphone and internet, everyone is able to have a comparative idea about the prices, discounts, latest trends and facilities provided by the different real estate companies. They only choose the one who is offering the best proposal at realistic rates.

Need for New Lead Generation

To drumming up your real estate business in tandem, you must generate new leads either from your loyal customer’s referrals or by marketing your business at your end. Although there is nothing wrong with traditional marketing methods, still these are slow and less effective. In today’s digital age you need some fast and highly effective ways to reach your potential customers and save time & money. Real estate agents can use real estate SEO Services, like search engines, social media, blogs, videos, and other online marketing channels to attract new customers, generate new leads, and nurture these new leads to make them loyal customers in future.

Top Real Estate Lead Generation Methods

Marketing methods and business ideas used to stimulate the interest in your business products and services for the purpose of developing a high sales pipeline collectively known as the real estate lead generation process. Time is the most precious thing in the real estate industry therefore it becomes more important to use your every second wisely. There are plenty of real estate lead generation ideas that can take your business a level up.


In a recent survey of 2018, it was found that referral is a powerful and reliable tool for new lead generation. A study says that 40% of buyers used to go with that real estate agent that they were referred by their friends & relatives. 12% of buyers have purchased their house from a real estate agent they used to work with before. Another study says 63% of sellers has consulted to an agent who was suggested to them by their friends, relatives, and their coworkers.

The best part of referral marketing is that referrals are free of cost you just have to maintain a good relationship with people and they will turn into your new leads. If you are new in real estate business and thinking about to create some new leads start with your family friends and other referrals to grow your client list.

Use Local SEO

In today’s fourth-generation lifestyle, most of the people search for their home online by using the internet. So it is important for your website to have a good place in Google ranking. When a user tries to find out your website by using the keywords you targeted it should appear on the top of the search engine results. Local SEO provider will help you to localize your business by locating your business at Google Map along with the address and contact information. Users can directly contact you by a phone call or email.

Open House Listing

You can generate free leads by running an open house. Open houses are an excellent way to increase your Potential buyer’s list. While planning for an open house event, first of all, promote your event and aware your potential buyers by using some advertising methods such as door hangers, flyers, postcards, and social media posts. Promote your event and highlight your listing. On the day of the event, you can directly call the people in your neighborhood to join your event by using sing notes. At the entry maintain a list of guests by collecting some basic information from them. This basic information should include the name of the guests, their phone numbers, email addresses, and the requirement for their house? In this way, you will get a list of your targeted audience which you can turn into new leads in the future by providing them the house they required.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Real Estate Agents

PPC for real estate agents can generate a large number of new leads you never had before. When you pay to a customer for clicking on your webpage, it helps you to convert your suspects into prospects. You will only pay when someone clicks on your website. it is the best way to create huge traffic on your website. When someone types the keyword you have chosen for your pay per click ads, your ads start To display on the search engine results page. The goal of PPC ad campaign is to get the contact information of your visitors through an effective call to action. It allows you to keep them under your influence until they get ready to buy a house from you and becomes your productive leads. You can use direct email marketing to aware them about your latest projects and offers.

The primary aim of every business is profit maximization. Profit in a business is directly related to the sales of business products and for increasing the sales of your business, you need a large number of potential buyers. To expand your real estate business, you must find out new clients and satisfy them to retain as loyal customers to your business.

New leads to a Real Estate Business are like the fuel and gas for a vehicle. These act as the lifeblood into the success of real estate business. Organize a real estate lead generation campaign and grow your business beyond your expectations.


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