Truth Or Dare? Is Our Education System Designed To Make Us Or Break Us?

Education is often considered as the pathway to success. But is it? Or is it just assignments, essays and coursework?

We all have different definitions for success, different opinions about it. I personally do not believe that you need to have a degree to be successful (depending on your career path).

Being educated and having a pile of degrees and certificates is entirely different. And guess what? You do not need to be a PhD to be successful in life!

In this article, I’m going to shed some light on the current flaws in education systems worldwide, stories of a few people who made it in life without any fancy degree, and in the end suggestions for improvement.

You Have a PhD, So What?

Sure, you need a degree to be successful in some fields like medicine or engineering or law etc. But NOT having one does not mean you cannot be successful.

Education is supposed to teach us things necessary to be called an ‘educated person’. But if you treat that waiter in the restaurant as an inferior, buddy you need to burn that degree away and yourself as well, while you’re at it.

Are you wondering what I think about educated people? Voila! Here you go:

  • They can think critically and rationally.
  • They can communicate their ideas into words and other mediums.
  • They try to and even do, understand human nature very well.
  • They believe in human collaboration for betterment.
  • They are very enthusiastic when it comes to learning more.

Do you have all these qualities?

So, if you think have a PhD in I don’t know law or whatever, but you are still just another filthy lawyer who lies through your cases; you sure are not earning my respect.

I have met with people who were had done their Masters, but did not have the skills to type a formal letter. How did you even make it through college?!

I once met with a MBA who could not make project reports. Dude what were you even studying in your MBA? Is this what the education system teaching us?

I must not be only one who feels that our education system is just another scam factory, producing conditioned robots with no skills whatsoever. Whatever I learned in life has been from practical experience.

The best Master Essay Writers I ever met were not a bunch of PhD holders. But gosh they were so knowledgeable with fantastic academic writing skills!

These People Are Successful Without a Fancy Degree

Nowadays, there are endless opportunities to be successful or to achieve better in life. It all depends on how we perceive life, and what our aims in life are.

Here, I have compiled a list of people, who did not fancy degrees to achieve what they wanted in life. Mind you, they had their fair share of struggles. But they had their goals set, which helped them in achieving them:

  • Whoa! The Founder of Microsoft Is Not a Graduate!

Who doesn’t know Bill Gates? Founder of Microsoft, the most successful company in the 21st century! Once considered a good-for-nothing, he dropped out of Harvard to follow his passion for computer science and went on to found Microsoft. And now what? The people hired at his company are themselves graduates in computer science.

What does that tell you about academic degrees? Are they even inspiring people to have any goals or passions? Bill Gates had his goals set. And he achieved them!

  • Honda’s Founder Was a Village Boy!

Soichiro Honda was a simple boy from a village in Japan but had fallen in love with the concept of cars and automobiles when he saw one pass by one day. That was the moment that he decided that he would pursue his passion for automobiles, he left his village at 15 without any proper education and started working as an apprentice at a garage.

Years later, Honda founded the Honda Motor Company Ltd and took it to the top with his engineering and marketing skills.

Honda never received any formal education, but his company is amongst the best automobile companies in the world. What does that speak to you about engineering?

  •  Uber’s Founder Uberred His Way out of College!

What’s your current method of commuting to and from here and there? Uber I bet!

The founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick is no college graduate either and dropped out from UCLA during his final year to work on his peer-to-peer file sharing project, Scour. He joined hands with Garret Camp to found Uber because he wanted to make available the provision of affordable car and taxi services.

  • Your Childhood Hero Was Not Even A High School Pass Out!

Walt Disney help make our childhood AWESOME but he did not even finish his high school education. His ideas led him to found the Walt Disney Company yo!

He is widely known as a pioneer in American Animation, and to date holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual!!

Just Make These Educational Improvements Already!!

BLIMEY! I cannot be the only one who thinks we need improvements in our education system. Not only in the UK, but worldwide.

Somewhere you got High School; somewhere you got A Levels, somewhere IBDP and somewhere BTEC. How do we even know which one to opt for?

If you speak with a toddler, you would observe that they have multitude of questions and that they ask about literally everything! But, you talk to a teenager; you will not witness that enthusiasm. Why is that so?

It is all because as the child studies over the years, they are conditioned into thinking in a particular method. In fact, every other student I know is now reliant upon the best essay writing service UK based because they do not have the necessary skills.

Sad state of affairs indeed…

Here is a list of few options I think that can help in improving our education systems:

  • Encouraging Each Child to Be Inquisitive

Hey! Don’t let that spark die out, encourage every student. Answer their questions! Appreciate them for being enthusiastic. They must have some brilliant ideas. Help them shape those ideas.

  • Introduce Vocational Based Learning

How do you expect to a Mechanical Engineer to turn into another Sochiro Honda if they do not have the hands on experience with machines? Teach students with practical work; don’t bore them with theoretical work.

  • Do Not Overburden Students with Assignments and Coursework

Students ‘might’ learn from assignments, coursework, homework etc., but at one point, their growth will stop and they will just be acting like robots. Doing nothing innovative, just working in the same pattern.

Balance between the works that you assign them on a daily basis!

  • Allow Students To Explore Their Passions

Let them breathe, set them free! Allow them to explore new horizons! If they are awesome with music, let them be. Don’t tell them music will do nothing for them. Each of them can find their destiny in their own way.

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