How to Find a Top Rated Marijuana Dispensary in Philadelphia?

Legalizing marijuana on a large scale has made weed (also called marijuana) more accessible than ever before. The use of marijuana for recreational purposes has been legalized in more than 30 states in the US, and this has created a surge in the number of manufacturers and dispensaries in those areas. Marijuana has now become very simple to acquire due to technological advancements and the expansion of the current market. 

However, navigating the marijuana industry could be a complex challenge. States that have legalized the use of cannabis often have highly restrictive laws that regulate dispensary channels. Also, these dispensaries have to deal with the federal level ban on cannabis products and competition with black market operators. These factors make it very challenging to find trustworthy dispensaries in some areas.

Even with these difficulties, several consumers have developed easy ways to help choose dispensaries. There are a few important factors that can help when it comes to selecting one dispensary over another. This article highlights a few of the factors you can consider when searching for marijuana dispensaries in Philadelphia

Top Factors Marijuana Consumers Consider When Looking for a Dispensary

When it comes to choosing a recreational or medical dispensary in Allentown, PA, cannabis consumers pay attention to the same factors. Not only do these factors help consumers find the best products, but they also improve the sales figures of dispensaries that meet up with the customers’ expectations in these areas. 

Below are a few important areas to look into to help you find the best marijuana dispensary.


Location is the most important concern for most cannabis users when looking for a cannabis dispensary. Everyone is looking for the same things: proximity, convenience, and parking availability. These are the factors that contribute to a perfect dispensary location, and consumers are more likely to pay regular visits. 

Finding a perfect location is pretty difficult due to state regulations. Dispensaries must not be located 500 to 1000 feet from schools and similar institutions. This is often a problem in populated urban areas. 

Product Selection

When it comes to buying cannabis from a dispensary, variety is key. Some cannabis users have a favorite strain and often stick to it; many other users enjoy testing different varieties and products. If you want to fully enjoy your marijuana experience, it is important to go to a dispensary that offers a wide variety of products. If you have a favorite, make sure the company has that product or bud in stock. 

A dispensary with a wide variety of products gives room for its employees or budtenders to interact with the consumers and help them through their testing phase, especially for newbies. Budtenders can help consumers choose the right product and the best delivery method if needed. 

Product Quality

This factor is usually a tiebreaker if you want to choose between two dispensaries in the same location. This factor is very important if you can clearly identify between a great quality product and a bad one. Defining the quality of a product can be pretty difficult in the cannabis industry.

For most marijuana enthusiasts, there’s one characteristic used to define the quality of the bud: texture. A dry, seedy flower is considered low-grade cannabis. Buds with a moist texture and vibrant colors are usually of the best quality. 

Third-Party Lab Testing

This is an important safety requirement when looking for a dispensary in your area. Before purchasing products from a company, you need to make sure the company is as transparent as possible about all its products. You should check the dispensary’s websites for a Certificate of Analysis issued by a reputable third-party laboratory. The COA contains information about the different tests carried out on each product. This ensures the products are free of contaminations like toxic metals or chemicals. 


 Like when shopping for regular items, the product’s price also carries as much importance when looking for the best place to buy from. If you have a cannabis product you’d like to purchase and find it at two different dispensaries within the same distance, it’ll be best to compare the prices and go for the cheaper option. 

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