Top Dubai Landmarks and Activities that You can Enjoy

If you are wondering about the main Dubai landmarks and activities to enjoy during your holiday in the city of Dubai, you have come to the right place. There is something for everyone in this amazing city and one simply cannot be bored, when visiting this place. Although this highlights a lot of places, the list is endless. It is the city of which never sleeps and is magical for all who visit.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa roughly translates to “Khalifa Tower” in Arabic. It is the tallest manmade structure; also, the tower has the second-highest observatory deck in the world. This is one of the main tourist attractions in the city and simply not to be missed.

Al Sahra Desert Resort

This is a great and unique resort set amongst the sand dunes, and a great option for activities and social events. The resort is handled by extremely hospitable people and you can expect only the best treatment and experiences over here. Golfing is one of the top activities here, as are the camel encounters offered. The resort is often booked for private events, as it can easily cater to a large number of groups at the same time.

Bastakia Quarter

Bastakia Quarter is a heritage site, which is very beautiful and picturesque. This area was developed and built on by the immigrants of Bastak, Persia. The Bastakia is home to many attractions, namely the Mahaweb Gallery, the Arabian Tea House, and the Coffee Museum. This section of the city offers many things to do in Dubai that you can enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

The Mahaweb Gallery is an art museum. This houses art from special needs adults and is a place one must visit. It shows how dedication and perseverance can result in beautiful works of art.

Arabian Tea House has been keeping the old traditions of the local people alive and offers delectable traditional Arabic dishes.

The Coffee House is split into two floors. On the top floor, you will find a library with a collection of books on the history of coffee. The main ground floor showcases the different roasting and brewing styles and is mainly for purchasing tourists. You will be spoilt for choices, as a coffee lover here.

Dubai Creek

This is also known as Khor Dubai and is a saltwater creek, which runs through the center of Dubai. You can still see the traditional dhows going across the water body. It is really beautiful and a sight to behold.

Bur Dubai Abra Dock

In the historic section of the city, the Abra Dock is in the old part of the city, Bur Dubai. One can travel in the dhows to cross and go the gold souks, galleries, textile souks and more. This is one of the most beautiful and memorable rides, although short, about ten minutes or so.

The World Islands

This is a special attraction for most tourists visiting Dubai. This consists of 300 small manmade islands, which are in the shape of the world map. It is beautifully made and extremely technological advanced. These awesome islands are homes to many resorts and private homes.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is an archipelago of a manmade set of islands, which is in the shape of a palm and renowned for its high-end hotels and upmarket restaurants. It offers attraction such as swimming with dolphins and sea lions, kayaking, taking zippy rides on speedboats. Also available, is a coffee-based spa treatment, which one can only avail here. Skydiving and luxury activities, such as night clubs and beach clubs are some of the activities and places one can do and visit here. These are only a few landmarks and attractions in the vast city of Dubai. There are many more activities and sights to be taken in the city and every one of them is extremely memorable. Keep these in mind when planning your next vacation for Dubai sightseeing and we assure you that you will be having one of the most exciting holidays of your lifetime.

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