Top Bollywood Movies Parents Must Watch

Indian families have a distinct style of working.  It is a beautiful structure of living with everyone in the family. You know there are so many movies in Bollywood that have to do with families. But have you ever thought about the movies that are worth watching for parents?

Indeed, you can come across Bollywood movies that are must for every parent to watch. In this post you would have a quick peep into the movies that parents must watch. Have a look below:

Udaan (2010)

Udaan featured RajatBarmecha, Ronit Roy and even Ram Kapoor. Rajat’s character comes back home after he gets expelled from the boarding school only to meet his rude father. He stands up for himself and even his younger brother, whose existence was unknown to him in the earlier part of the movie. VikramadityaMotwane’s debut was a take on parental abuse that is the reason for most of the depression in the country. Indeed, the movie has many key points and takes away for the audience. Parents would love this movie and get a perspective too.

3 Idiots

This movie made a lot more sense than most of the films that released in the past three decades. Roughly based on the novel Five Point Someone by ChetanBhagat, this movie by RajuHirani was a proper take on the education system in our country and the industrial requirements that put good education in the back seat and generate trained mules. The dramatic rudiments did give the audience some LMAO moments but the point was made and it hit everyone right where it was meant to. The movie is really entertaining, educational and apt for parents to watch. No matter which type of parent you are, this movie would definitely hit a string in your mind and heart.

DilChahtaHai (2001)

This is the ultimate friends’ movie for any 90s child. This movie showcases the story of three friends, freshly graduated and one of the only couple of kids who successfully executed the plan for Goa. 20s is a time for trials and this movie just showed how interpersonal interactions affect the overall lives. Folks make mistakes and learn, there is no better way of learning and education. Indeed, this movie would give the parents a message even if their child makes a mistake, tell them to improve and let it go. You cannot simply be extremely rude with them.

TaareZameen Par (2007)

An Aamir Khan directorial, this movie discussed Dyslexia, that is widely prevalent amongst the students. And then there are the ones whose learning abilities are taken for granted. The movie not just caters us an insight about the disability but also the way to tackle kids when you mean to help or treat it; as a parent and that of as a teacher.  Indeed, this movie would definitely make your eyes teary and heart more compassionate.

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