Top 6 Tips on How to Trade Safe on Forex

After much repeated conversations with your financially literate friends over a few , you have finally decided to take the big leap into Forex trading. And just like any beginner in any new venture, you scour the internet and read up on testimonies, questions and answers on how much money they have made through Forex Trading . Despite the certain amount of risk involved, there are a few ways to go about trading Forex safely to manage these risks.

1.          Generate a Trading plan

Forex is a business that has little rules and guidelines. It does not have any indicator as to when you start trading, for how long you should trade, how much should the trader risk or what strategy should be used. With so much room for “winging it”, a very detailed trading plan is called for. Why do you need one? Generating one will enable you to map out what you need to do in various situations such as what entry signals would look like, how you should manage each trade or generating a policy on correlating pairs. Remember, consistency is key and generating a plan will ensure this consistency in your methods, regardless of any situation that may occur.

2.          Study calendar of events

Another consistent trait every good  Forex trader has is their ability to study the current political climate by reading up on the news. Most of these news are featured in Forex websites can be read by any trader as it features elections, disasters and other contributes to the outcome of your trade

3.          Do not forget to study prices

The current events may have an influence in the outcome of your trades but do not let your judgement be clouded. Sometimes, a raw price chart has everything you will need to make effective trades. Byt studying the prices, you will be able to determine where they will want to go and also see what other traders are doing. You can say that price can represent what other traders are doing and where they see the market is going. Analyzing the behavior of price, through the way it moves, can determine whether announcements were positive or negative

4.          Limit Order Vs. Stop-Loss Order

Limit orders ensures a trade at a certain price while a Stop Loss order is used to limit losses. Stop-limit orders allow the trader to control the prices at which an order is executed and guarantee profits, by ensuring that a stock is sold before it falls below purchasing price.

All traders manage the risk when they put money on the forex market by making use of Limit Order and Stop Loss.

5.          Watch Patterns for trading

A good trader watches patterns of trading. Watching the patterns of trading gives you the ability to predict the market actions. Pattern spotting is the name of the game as some orderly trading on certain markets are not affected by events.

6.          Breakeven trades

A lot of traders consider break even trades as some form of loss. However, if you think about it, you have managed to get a break even from a trade you gave a chance and had the ability to protect your capital from any form of loss. That sounds like a win to me! By forming a trade management plan that also encourages break even trades will result in you learning how to manage your risks successfully and will eventually lead to making money through Forex trading.  Protecting your capital to be used for another day not only keeps your losses small but eventually opens the possibility for tomorrow’s big win!

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