Top 5 Facts About Flowers That Everyone Must Know About

Flowers are beautiful in every aspect and they have the power to bring in happiness, love and positivity in people’s lives, irrespective of their nationality, gender, age, etc. With their secret language, they have the power to convey messages to anyone you wish, which is why it’s very commonly exchanged between people. But do you want to know some unique facts about flowers?

Here are the top five unique facts about flowers that everyone should know about-

  • There are a few hundred of thousands of flower species

Did you know that there are at least a minimum of 270,000 species of flowers that exist on this planet? Yes, you read the figure right. While we might only be knowing the names of a very few of them, there are thousands and thousands of flowers we don’t even know about but they all exist in our ecosystem. Did you know that among these few hundred thousand flowers, roses itself have some 35,000 varieties of species? No wonder it is the most popular choice of flower when it comes to gifting for any occasion!

Do you want to give a bouquet of fresh flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day? Or maybe to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? Or to your best friend on Friendship Day? Well, you can now very easily Send Flowers online to Mumbai and every other city in India, without even having to move an inch from the comfort of your own home. You can bring a smile on your near and dear one’s face from miles away- yes, it’s now that easy!

  • Archaefructus sinensis is the oldest flower

In 2002, scientists discovered a fossil which is believed to be the world’s oldest flower- Archaefructus sinensis. It’s said to have bloomed in China some hundred million years ago, can you even imagine?

  • Titan arum? is the smelliest flower

By smelliest, we don’t mean the most beautiful smelling flower- what we mean is, this is the flower that stinks the most! Yes, it really stinks. In fact, it is said to stink just as bad as a dead body which is left in a room for days- which is why, this flower is also commonly known as the “corpse flower”.

  • Roses are related to a lot of fruits & nuts

Roses are related to not just apples but also raspberries and cherries, peaches, plums, pears and almonds. The Rose hips are a very rich source of Vitamin C and are very commonly used in making jams and jellies, among many other things. It’s not just the most commonly exchanged flowers as a gift but it also has a lot of uses, for example, in the perfume industry, food industry, cosmetic industry, etc.

  • Moon flowers bloom only at night

We normally know of flowers that bloom during the day, but do you know that Moon flowers are totally different and they bloom only during the night? Yes, a little weird, isn’t it? This gorgeous flower opens in the evening, lasts through the night, remaining open until it comes into contact with the bright morning Sun. 

Each and every kind of flower is different from one another and are beautiful in their own ways. The wide variety of flower options make it easier for us to choose one for our loved ones on special days like their birthdays, wedding reception, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve,  Rose Day, bridal shower, baby shower, promotion day, graduation day, etc.- there’s always more than one option for every occasion! 

Whether it’s orchid flower online, or Roses, Tulips, carnations, Gerberas, Lilies, Sunflowers, Daisies, Peonies, or any other kind that you feel will be appreciated and loved the most by your special ones- each variety of flowers is now very easily available online and can be delivered to any part of the world. The practice of giving flowers on various occasions, and even on random days to convey your feelings to other people, has always existed but now it’s growing more and more each day with the help of online flower delivery services. So, what are you waiting for? Today is a good day to make someone smile- do it!


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