Top 5 Benefits of Yoga Poses

Yoga is an ancient way to connect the mind, body and soul. Due to the modern lifestyle, there are many health issues that one has to face due to stress and strain. There is no option to recover the body from the critical effects of lifestyle other than the exercise. However, exercise and diet cannot offer the results which yoga can offer. There are many benefits of different asanas which are not only about shaping the body but also about cleaning the organs and make them active in a natural way. Here are the top 5 benefits of practicing regularly.

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Effective blood circulation: In various asanas of yoga, different organs of the body get stretched which make them active. This helps to have effective blood circulation with oxygen reaching to various organs easily and quickly. Hence, every organ remains active and healthy, which is not possible through other exercises. The most notable point here is one need to practice it slowly and gradually. Hence the body is not stretched in one day, and one is able to build the stamina as well. The regular practice of various poses helps the body to get flexible and look great.

Enhanced immunity: To counter various diseases our body has an immune system. However, with bad habits and a poor style of life, the immune system can  get weaken over the period of time. With the help of Yoga poses, the body gets all the parts active which help to improve the immunity. Hence, one does not fall ill frequently and can refrain from going for various medicines. There are different asana for different health issues working on different organs. One can choose different asanas to rejuvenate different organs of the body and stay healthy and fit for life long period.

Enhanced immunity yoga

The body posture: It offers great posture to the body. It is often observed that those who practice regularly are able to maintain a better posture. Going to the gym also offers such body shape, but it is temporary while whatever body shape one gets from yoga holds for a considerably long period. Muscles and bones remain healthy with the help of regular practice of different poses, and therefore one can have perfectly shaped body in a short span after starting yoga for a regular period.

Improved heart rates and relief from backache: Over a period of unhealthy habits, one of the most common problem that one faced is related to the heart. The practice of yoga can help one get a good blood circulation the intervention of any medicine. It is a proven way of living, and its poses are designed scientifically which can help one get prompt relief from backache and stretched muscles also. It can also help one get the balance of hormones and keep away from anger. Mental peace is the biggest benefit that poses can offer in this era.

India being the motherland of yoga is host to a number of yoga courses at different locations like Rishikesh, Goa, and Kerela etc. There are number of programs offering Yoga in Rishikesh. One of the most popular programs organized by many schools is the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. These courses teach Yoga on how to connect it with the mind, body and soul. Once you learn about the body functions well, the mind also develops good habits which can help one refrain from the different types of unhealth habits. A peaceful mind can also help one take prudent decisions in tough times.

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