Top 4 Smartphone Camera Accessories That You Need

In today’s world we are all obsessed to follow the latest trends. When it comes to accessorizing your smartphone it is one of those trendy things to do.

But smartphone accessories does a little more than just help you to follow the trend. It maximizes the functionality of your smartphone.

This is the reason why purchasing a smartphone accessory from cell phone repair parts store or any online smartphone store has become popular in recent years. Especially when it comes to the purchase of camera accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the best camera accessories for your smartphone that you might want to purchase.

1.Pocket Sized Cinema Lens

The pocket-sized cinema lens is one such smartphone accessory that is built to amplify your smartphone camera. Don’t go on its portable size as it has capacity to give you wide framed pictures.

This mini lens have the capacity to give 58mm shot that can help you shoot cinema like frame right from your smartphone. The easy clip on built makes them easy to be attached on any device’s camera lens.

2.Portable Shotgun Mic

Your mobile phone’s camera does an excellent job for clicking quality rich pictures but when it comes to capturing videos your device’s mic performance fail you. The usual mic of our smartphone are not designed to capture clear sound bytes thus, the results of video shooting is not flattering.

However, with a portable shotgun mic your issue of capturing clear sound videos will be solved forever. This mic has a 3.5mm jack that can be attached and used by connecting to your device’s headphone slot.

Now capture clear sounding videos right from your regular smartphone easily.

3.Polarizing Filter Clip-ons

Every passionate photographer knows and understand the significance of polarizing filter. Your pictures become more sharp, glare-free and most importantly beautiful if you use a polarize filter.

However, this filter is available only in DSLR cameras and not in your regular smartphone camera. But now you can add and use this filter from your smartphone camera as well.

Just attach these simple clip-on polarized filters to your camera lens and you’ll get the same effect as a professional camera. It is just that convenient.


Can you imagine capturing videos while you are cycling? Well, now you can by purchasing this cool Bikepod. This accessory is a smartphone mount stand that can be used to place your phone on the bike’s handle.

The sturdy grip of this accessory gives you steady video captures. You’ll be able to capture great in-motion videos with the help of this super-efficient Bikepod.

These are the top 4 accessories for amplifying your smartphone camera’s feature. You can get your hands on them from online smartphone store or even from a cell phone repair parts shop.

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