Top 4 Smart Laundry Storage Ideas For Small Sized Laundry Room

It is so hard to adjust in a constricted small space home. However, with proper planning and organization it is possible to achieve what you want even in a small space.

If you have managed to set up a laundry room for yourself and are figuring things out on how to store your dirty clothes and other laundry items in your tiny laundry room then fret no more.

We will be presenting you some clever storage ideas for storing all the essentials. After all you cannot fit in ajumbo laundry hamper in your small laundry room right?

Read till the end to find out the smart and cool laundry storage ideas for a limited size laundry room setting.

1.Try hanging a Drying Rack from your laundry room ceiling

So you may have an extreme small space in your laundry room and you just cannot just everything. If you have issue of drying your clothes then you can make use of your laundry room ceiling.

You can manage to place your drying rack from the ceiling of your laundry room. Make sure to place the fixtures of the rack low so that you can easily hang the drenched clothes.

This is a great way to make space for drying your clothes in your laundry room itself.

2.Place wall storage for keeping the laundry supplies

In order to make the best use of your small laundry room you got to utilize every corner and space of the room. Try to fix a wall storage rack in your laundry room.

You will be able to keep all the laundry essentials or supplies such as detergents, softeners, brushes etc. in the rack. Some of the wall storage racks have hooks on them. This can come in handy to dry small clothing items such as lingerie, handkerchief, socks, etc.

Pick out an elegantly styled rack for your wall and you’ll be amazed how convenient and stylish your small laundry room would be.

3.Make the best use of empty corners with shelves

You can take the advantage of an empty laundry room corner by adding a few shelves there. You would think that your constricted laundry room would be too crowded but you are wrong.

Adding a few shelves will only increase the functionality of your laundry room. Plus, it would be a great option for you to store light laundry items. Just keep the items organized on the shelves so that they look messy.

4.Use your laundry room door for making storing racks

Another great idea for storing your laundry items is to use your laundry room’s door. You can use shoe storage for over-the-door setup to store varied items and supplies of laundry.

If you think it becomes too much for you to add a shoe rack then you can install hooks on the door. You can hang laundry bags on those door mounted hooks. Store all your dirty clothing item there without taking any extra space.

So what are you waiting for? Transform your small laundry room for storing bulks of laundry essentials conveniently. All you got to do is ditch the big items such as jumbo laundry hamperand make use of every spare space of the laundry room handily.

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