Top 10 Wall Art Ideas for Boosting Blah Spaces

While blank walls often just missed the opportunity to offer visual balance to a room, some amazing wall décor ideas are truly the perfect canvases for telling the stories of your life and even providing a hint to your guests who you are!

So, if you’ve been avoiding filling your bare and blank walls just because you’re not petty sure what to use to decorate them, it’s now a chance to get some amazing inspiration by simply checking our list of top 10 wall art ideas for boosting your blank and boring spaces with our latest decorating to-do-list. 

1. Go with minimalist art

Sometimes, little is enough, but the best thing about minimalist art is that it features just a single oversized piece of wall art that helps to pop up against the black background. 

2. String up some light

You can also level up the sparkle of your walls with a few strands of string light that makes your living area looks pretty enough to welcome your guests on all occasions. 

3. Use room-specific art

You only need to choose the art that speaks about the particular room as it always offers a fun option for your wall décor. 

4. Hangs up your favorite sporting equipment

Hanging incorporating vintage tennis rackets in a row will look both upscale and funky at the same time. 

5. Hang a rug

Yes, this is the newest in trends these day, rugs can go to the walls too. This idea will make a whole blank wall converted into a classy look. 

6. DIY a photo collage wall

It is affordable to recreate and showcase the pictures of all your loved ones on the wall. You just need to print beautiful pictures of all your family members and hang them up in rectangular photo frames using thumbtacks. 

7.  Install all the shelving

You can also try installing shelves in the whole wall of your living space. the hexagonal shape wall shelves can add a unique touch to your interiors whereas, the open shelving design adds a perfect tone to your home décor.

8. Embrace macramé

Macramé is back in trend and isn’t going anywhere now! This artsy craft offers handmade charm and plenty of texture in your space. whether you choose to incorporate a wall hanging or a plant hanger.

9. Mix and match

Gallery walls aren’t limited to wall art and framed photos. You can also use various other materials such as fabric hangings, tassels, shelves, and other ephemera in the small and sweet composition on the pink wall of your room. You can also use twinkle lights and beaded curtains to create a fun backdrop and funky style look. 

10.          Wallpaper – A Wall Niche

Those cutouts or odd divots in your wall look poor, but with the magic of little wallpaper, you can turn your walls into a wall accent and an eye-catching part of your room. You can also adds-up some small pieces of wall art and Gustav Klimt artwork  and hand painted  paintings reproductions   atcanvas art paintings  to make it look more gorgeous.