Top 10 Shopping Centers in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the center of culture and fraternization. It is one of the biggest city, and certainly the economic capital of Germany. With multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Frankfurt is a hub of tourism, transportation, commerce, and shopping. Each year, millions of people shop in different shopping centers, fairs and festivities and at other places. Although fairs and festivals only happen in certain seasons, shopping centers, malls, and markets are open throughout the year, offering the best items to all shopaholics at reasonable prices.

Shopping fanatics will navigate their way through every retail shop, mall or market and find themselves the best items no matter which city they are in. But for people who are amateur shoppers, or little fewer enthusiasts, we have them covered with this informative article if they want to go shopping in Frankfurt.

Shopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is equipped with unusually large departmental stores, handicraft shops run by specialists, and many shopping malls. This city certainly doesn’t disappoint visitors and locals and you can find every little detail here.

There are different districts where you can find different items. Multinational brands can be found in the boulevards leading off the central thoroughfare. There are also specific shops and places where you can bargain the rates of the merchandise. The market for antiques can be found near the cathedral. So everything is available easily in Frankfurt in every price range.

The ultimate traveling tip for everyone

For international travelers and tourists who want to enjoy shopping in the financial and economic hub of Germany, getting here isn’t that difficult. They can easily board direct flights to Frankfurt from anywhere in the world. For domestic travelers, Frankfurt is connected by the fastest highway in the world, Autobahn from all the cities along with super-fast trains and domestic flights. So reaching here is no big deal. If you are lucky you may pick up a few deals or packages that can help you acquire some discounts.

Shopping centers in Frankfurt

With everything stated, let’s tell our readers what are the top 10 shopping centers in Frankfurt am Main. Enjoy this list and do shop in them for an amazing shopping experience.


Zeil is the Frankfurt’s most eminent shopping street. It is more than a hundred years old and has evolved over time. Today it has some of the best outlets in the world and is covered with internationally acclaimed high-end brand shops such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, H&M and more. There are famous local brands as well as well-known German Departmental Store Galeria Kaufhof. Even if you are not a shopping enthusiast, we highly recommend you to visit this shopping center.


UpperZeil is an under construction shopping center in Frankfurt am Main. The older structure was known as Zeilgalerie and it was one of the best shopping centers in Frankfurt. However, it was demolished to make way for the construction of UpperZeil. This new shopping mall will house some home-grown brands, as well as an amazing view of the Frankfurt city’s skyline. This place is located in Zeil, so it can be easily visited when you are wandering in Zeil. The best thing about this projected place is that it is going to open in 2018. So if you are visiting Frankfurt anytime soon, you are in for a treat.


The fabled street of Goethestrasse is considered the most luxurious place for shopping in Frankfurt. There are multiple domestic and internationally acclaimed brands and labels such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Montblanc, Tiffany, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hermès and many others. Enjoy shopping at these exclusive stores and make your trip to this place extraordinary. Even if you don’t want to shop on these expensive shops, you are always welcome for some window shopping. Nobody minds some snaps, so feel free to take some.

Neue Kräme

Neue Kräme is not a shopping center originally. It is a shopping area where multiple specialist and independent boutiques are set up. This shopping place is frequented by pedestrians and other visitors who want their desired items available to them at reasonable prices. There are other shops as well where you can find some refreshments, coffee, and cafes. You can easily relax at this place after some shopping.

Leipziger Strasse

Located in the art of city where the majority of people are students, Leipziger Strasse is a mixture of multicultural shops. It is frequented by tourists, students, and even the locals. You can find souvenirs, jewelry items, gadgets and other amazing accessories here. You can also find some of the best designers wear clothes and other items. Do visit this place for a different experience of the city’s elegant shopping world.


This shopping lace is known not only for its diverse shops but also for the amazing nightlife it offers. It is close to the city center, which makes it perfect for anyone to visit. The surrounding 18th-century buildings make this place look even more enchanted, which enhances the experience of all the visitors.


This shopping mall has the best standing structure in the whole of Frankfurt. For its amazing and unique design, it has won several design awards. People from all over Frankfurt visit NordWestZentrum to observe its beautiful design and architecture. It is also equipped with different brand shops as well as green relaxation areas and fountains. This place is the real deal of shopping in Frankfurt, so visit it and enjoy some shopping, refreshments and some snaps.


Freegass is a shopping street in Frankfurt. It is filled with snack bars, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. You can send your day shopping here and enjoy the evening with some food in any of its beautiful shops. Summers come with a unique food and wine festival and people from all over Germany come here to enjoy and take part in it.

Hessen Center

Hessen Center is an old shopping place for the residents and tourists of Frankfurt am Main. Although the building is uninteresting, the items that are available there are unique and reasonably priced as compared with any other Shopping centers in Frankfurt.

Skyline Plaza

Located in the area of Messe Frankfurt, Skyline Plaza is a building complex which is under construction. Although some part of the building complex is completed, it will open soon for all shoppers and the general public. This shopping center is state of the art designed and consists of more than 180 shops and restaurants along with a spa. Some of the parts including residential tower and office tower are under construction and will open soon.


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