Top 10 Professional Expert Tips for Freshers to get a Job in UAE

For many young professionals, to settle down in a place like Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE is a dream. In the last few decades, UAE has become one of the best-known countries of the world to offer some of the best employment and business opportunities. Professionals from various parts of the world from different backgrounds look for a lucrative job in UAE.

Why UAE is a preferred destination for many professionals?

There are many factors that combine together for an increased interest for young professionals to stay and do a job in UAE. These are as follows:

  • Better salary
  • Additional perks and benefits
  • Tax free salary
  • Great standard of living
  • Cosmopolitan environment
  • World class infrastructure
  • Multi-cultural workforce
  • Safety and security
  • Global exposure

10 Professional Expert Tips for Freshers to get a Job in UAE

For expats as well as local professionals, getting a job in UAE becomes simpler only when a systematic and a goal-oriented approach is followed. A well-structured plan is very essential to get a job in UAE, especially when it comes to Freshers or young aspirants with no experience.

  1. First of all, you will need a proper CV/resume. Since you are a fresher, it is necessary to highlight your skills, what you are capable of achieving, your goals and detailed description of any extra courses that you have completed in your course of study. It is advisable to get professional help to get your CV designed and formatted with all details, relevant documents, experience certificates, award and honors etc.
  2. The next thing that you should have is a proper cover letter. Remember, no employer will accept your CV if there is no cover letter. Once you streamline the jobs that you want to apply in UAE, it is necessary to have a cover letter, not too long but of one standard page size, where you mention your interest to join in the organization in a particular job profile and why you are fit for the job. A cover letter should also be there when you apply online through a job portal.
  3. Decide on which place in UAE you want to settle down. Accordingly, make a list of online job portals specific to that city. For instance, if you are in Dubai, it is better to register on job portals giving preference to Dubai jobs only.
  4. Keep on updating your CV from time-to-time and search for jobs in UAE on a regular basis on the job portals
  5. Apply directly on company’s official websites. Check for the email-id of the HR department on these websites and send a mail to these companies requesting for a job in UAE, accompanied with your CV. Even if the company may not have an immediate vacancy, you CV will be kept stored in their database.
  6. Get connected with recruitment agencies, especially those who deal with jobs related to your educational qualification. For instance, if you are a finance student, register with recruiters who have connections with finance companies and get you a good finance job in UAE.
  7. Adopt more networking strategies. Keep your eyes and ears open so that you can grab the opportunity. Try to increase your contacts through LinkedIn, through friends, acquaintances and your previous colleagues. Connect with employers based in UAE.
  8. Usually, experts say that you should do a job that interests you, that you are passionate about. But, in many cases, a Fresher may not be so sure of what he or she intends to do. This usually happens for general graduates, who are not in any professional backgrounds like engineering, law, management or medical. If you are not sure of what type of job to do, then it is better not to stick to just one job profile. You can look for a job in UAE as per your capability and not as per your qualification.
  9. Being a Fresh candidate, you should also attend job fairs and seminars that take place in various cities in UAE on a regular basis. Carry your CV with you and get in touch with employers there.
  10. Last but not the least, be positive in your search for a job in UAE. With a positive frame of mind, with proper qualification and a systematic job search approach, you are sure to get your dream job in UAE.

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