Tips to Select the Right Brand Protection Solutions

The demand for online retail has surged in the light of COVID-19 and brands are now under more pressure than ever to protect themselves. As users adapt to rapid digitalization, they are now more likely than ever to purchase most of the things they need online. Due to this increase, cybercrime is also on the rise and counterfeiters are trying hard to copy brands to fool buyers into purchase fake products. With the rising demand for eCommerce and lack of accountability among distribution platforms, brands are seeing a rise in cybercrime, especially during COVID-19.

The Importance of Protecting Brand Name

Counterfeiters have access to modern technology and many have been successful in copying products and trademarks illicitly. As a result, brands not only lose revenue and sales, it also damages brand equity and reputation. So, if you have a strong presence in the UAE market, you should take measures to protect your brand and business from intellectual property infringements.

There is a wide range of services that offer protection to brands. These services can run from tech-based solutions to traditional legal solutions. Regardless of the kind of solution you choose, it is important you find one that is right for your brand and business.

The right brand protection service will not only prevent but also be able to respond to the unauthorized use of trademarks and illicit sale of genuine and counterfeit products.

Things to Consider

When you are looking at a service to protect your brand, here are a few things that you need to consider:

Scale: The service you select should be able to understand the scale of intellectual property infringements that your brand is experiencing. The services should be scalable to tackle all sizes and types of infringements. Hence, it should be able to audit and assess the existing risks that your brand is facing and come up with a solution for each risk.

Reach: After the audit, you will come to know whether you are looking at a single case or multiple cases of infringements. In case the audit finds multiple cases of infringements of intellectual property rights, you need a service that uses technology-based scans to scan not just the popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay but the entire World Wide Web to find the culprits.

Efficiency: No doubt your company will be seeking a long-term solution to protect your intellectual property and trademark, but the solution should display alacrity to remove infringements as it minimizes the effect of counterfeiting and allows your brand to regain control. Check the rate of removal by focusing on the ratio of detections to eliminations and the average time it takes the service to provide to detect and remove the infringement. This will give you a clear picture and allow you to decide if the service is right for your brand.

Reporting: The service should have a reporting system in place that is easy to understand and shows you the evidence of detections and removals. The report should highlight in detail the websites and areas where your brand is at risk and the measures taken to stop IP infringements.

Industry Expertise: Since you are operating out of the UAE, it is essential to find a service provider that is conversant with the UAE laws and marketplaces. The service provider should have the industry expertise to tackle IP infringements and also have an in-house legal team to help with extrajudicial actions if the need arises.

The Bottom Line

If you do not tackle counterfeiters, you will be putting your brand equity and reputation at risk. Finding the right service provider to protect your brand is the need of the hour as you will not have the right resources to detect and remove any infringement. Use the above-mentioned tips to find the right service provider and keep your brand and IP safe at all times in a digitally connected world.


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