Tips To Choose a Resort for Family Get Together

Choosing the right destination for your next family get together can be fun. However, choosing other things like travel, accommodation, etc. may not be as fun. To have an ideal holiday, not only the destination, but also the place where you are staying, should also be perfect.

Here are some tips that you should consider while you book resort in Gurgaon for your family time.


The location can make or break a property in its ratings, but the most outspoken reviews come from local streets, or families from local attractions, shopping and restaurants within a few minutes’ drive. Hotels or resorts can overcome less-than-optimal proximity by providing frequent and proximity, and complimentary shuttle transportation to popular points of interest.

2.Value-Added Additions.

For families, extras are the value that enhances a trip. “Special” deals are even better. If your rates compare with other properties in the area, but include admission to the local water park, it is considered worth it.

What other additions do families consider as adding value? Some are universal for all travelers, such as hot breakfast, free parking, early check-in and late check-out. Families also appreciate complimentary services such as: WiFi for multiple users, cribs and children’s meals. Complimentary activities such as “under the stars” in arts and crafts or films are also well received.

3.Activities and entertainment

It is important to distinguish resort entertainment and activities from full service and conference hotel entertainment and activities. Full-service hotels can offer large and up-to-date exercise rooms, indoor / outdoor swimming pools and even whirlpools and saunas. Some offer tennis and basketball courts, but they are not the focal point of the hotel. Resort activities are generally outdoors and take advantage of the favorable climate and natural desert or tropical setting.


The number and range of facilities are another distinguishing feature of the resorts. These advanced facilities are mainly located in guestrooms and bathrooms and are usually upgraded brands or resort brands. People are a mainstay for facilities. Keep in mind that facilities at many full service hotels now include in-room coffee, hair dryer, iron and ironing boards, internet phone hookups, and two phones. All these facilities and upgrades are provided at no cost. Resort room rates are generally quite high and guest expectations are also high for their guest room. Resorts can therefore offer larger sizes, name brands, and a wider range of amenities.


Resorts provide many recreational and cultural activities and are therefore expected to provide services to guests to participate in these activities. Full service hotels can provide concessions to assist with these services. In resorts, the difference is that you are probably working longer and longer. They should be able to answer guest questions, make suggestions, and eventually make reservations. Guest requests and expectations can be quite broad and specific and can also cover a wide range of requests. Concierge must be able to handle all these requests to the satisfaction of the guests.

6.According to the weather

The seasonal resort defines the operation. It is climate driven and typically covers a wide range of climates. The high season is the most attractive season that offers moderate temperatures, minimal rain and maximum sunshine, and enables guests to enjoy the many activities found at a resort destination. Winter resorts can provide tropical or desert climates and guests can choose between a humid and dry climate.

Conclusion Thus, you can choose from many good resorts in Gurgaon with the help of the above mentioned tips for your perfect family get together.

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