Tips to land on that big analytics job!

In this age of digitization and automation, the importance of data analytics is undeniable. Today organizations are investing a substantial amount of their revenue on data-based solutions as almost everyone wants to reap the benefits of data analytics. As a result, the employment scenario to looks bright for the aspirants of analytics. As a matter of fact, the field of data analytics and data science remains unrivaled in terms of job prospects, hefty pay packages, and an exciting career. However, there are several factors which need to be kept in mind before jumping in the world of data analytics.

Keeping an eye on the demand!

The demand for skilled individuals in the field of data analytics or data science has been fantastic in the last couple of years. Especially due the Industry 4.0, business executives want the power of analytics at their disposal so that they are able to keep pace with the changing times. A good analytics team will not only help in saving precious resources but also help to gain new markets, retain consumers and offer better service. Thus, organizations big or small, all are vying for skilled professionals in that domain and this is perhaps the best time to become a data analyst.

Acquiring the right set of skills!

Apart from being smart and talented, a data analyst is expected to be creative, innovative and must possess a variety of skills in the field. Knowledge of statistics, mathematics and programming will help immensely in the long run and an aspiring data analyst should also keep himself acquainted with the tools of analytics. Business organizations today understand the extreme importance of a data-driven strategy and do not want to lose precious work hours by training unskilled laborers.  Thus, they are looking for individuals who already possess knowledge of tools and systems used by the organizations. For instance, the SAS software suite is one of the most preferred and most popular tools used for data analytics by a number of companies. Thus, acquiring the knowledge of SAS from a SAS training institute can be immensely profitable for job seekers. Other popular tools include Python, tableau and SQL which will also help in seeking lucrative employment opportunities.

The apt economy matters!

However, if your target is to get started in your dream job as fast as possible then you must compare the demand in different locations of the globe. For instance, both Malaysia and India looks very promising to begin your career because both are flourishing economies and both are gradually embracing digital technology. Moreover, there is also a talent gap in both the countries which is why demand is greater in Malaysia and India compared to other regions of the world. Thus, if you get trained in Python from a Python training institute in Malaysia or SAS from a SAS training institute, you will be exposed to a healthy and flourishing atmosphere and your chances of landing on that dream job will increase many fold!

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