Tips to choose right chocolate in different forms

Chocolate woah! When it comes to chocolate we just think about whole world being of chocolate and we wandering around the whole chocolate world. Chocolates are everyone’s favourite and I think there is no one who don’t like chocolate. From a small kid to adults everyone is a big fan of chocolate. There are so many types of chocolate available on the market and each chocolate has it’s own speciality. Before getting to know about the tips to choose chocolate, first you should know about the varieties of chocolate. You can also find variety of Chocolate options available online with amazing Big Basket Coupons today. There are many types of chocolate, some of which are listed below:

  • Unsweetened chocolate- It is also known as pure chocolate without any sugar content in it. It is also known as chocolate liquor, bitter chocolate, pure chocolate and baking chocolate. It is mostly preferred in bakeries for baking cakes, biscuits or any other chocolate product.
  • Bittersweet chocolate- It is 35 percent of pure chocolate with very minimal amount of sugar. It is also known as dark chocolate is usually dark in colour as compared to other chocolate and gives you very less sweet flavour.
  • Semisweet chocolate- It is form of pure chocolate enriched with the goodness of sugar and cocoa butter. It us one the most versatile type in chocolate world. This can be found in many varieties such as discs, block, chips or squares.
  • Milk chocolate- It is 10 percent of chocolate mixed up with sugar and cocoa butter. Mostly milk chocolate contain pure chocolate in a very minimal ratio as compared to bittersweet chocolate or semisweet chocolate.
  • White chocolate- It is a form of chocolate mixing cocoa butter with milk solids, sugar, flavouring- in most cases vanilla. Though it is chocolate but in real sense it is not a chocolate.
  • Premelted chocolate- It is a form of unsweetened semi- liquid batter that is made using cocoa butter and vegetable oils. This form of chocolate is preferred mostly in cases of making chocolate shakes.

Tips to choose the right chocolate type

  • For cookie, cakes, puddings- If you are preparing pudding, cake or cookie then the best type of chocolate that will make you task easier and make you cook faster are BARS. Bars are the most commonly found type of chocolate and are available mostly at each shop. They are so preferred by the bakers because they can very easily be chopped into pieces for being folded into a cookie dough or for being melted to be used as chocolate syrup. There are many types of bar chocolate available in different brands and each brand has its own taste and flavour.
  • For large baking format- If you are among one’s who run a bakery and come through orders about different chocolate dishes then choosing bars can be time taking and hectic instead you can opt for BLOCKS. As they can be serrated with the help of knife very easily and later on melted according to the requirements or as per orders. The small shards obtained from blocks can be melted to garnish the desserts.
  • For frosting, ganaches, glazes- To garnish your desserts or giving it a glitch of frosting you can use Wafers are small pieces of chocolate in either circular or rectangular pieces. They are perfect solution for you in case of any emergency when you are going short through garnish objects. They are available in many flavours such as semisweet, bittersweet, white and milk chocolate.
  • For cookie, midnight snacking, breads- If you want to enhance taste of your cookies you can opt for chocolate CHIPS. These are also used in ice creams which have a pinch of taste of chocolate. The chocolate chips are soft, shiny but still they maintain their perfect shape of chips. Just imagine out of oven cookie with chocolate chips. Doesn’t it looks tasty? All thanks goes to preservatives and stabilisers. Now don’t think that they will cause harm to your body when consumed, no it is not so, stabilisers are only used to give chips that perfect flavour and provide a bit way texture. You can choose to buy some of best Cookies available with other home stuff online at best discounted rates with Grofers Coupons.
  • For cakes, milkshakes, brownies, garnish- Use of COCOA POWDER is the best choice for any of these uses. The flour like texture of the powder makes it an exclusive ingredients in bakeries. It can also be used as a base to coat your pans in the form of flour. There are two types of cocoa powder one is normal and the other one is Dutch process. Dutch process is only used when any recipe specially requires this cocoa powder otherwise the choice of normal cocoa powder is best and most suitable.




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