Things You Must Know Before Buying Syringes and Needles

Some people shudder just at the thought of a needle, whereas for others it’s a profession. We have seen kids, teenagers and even adults crying over how they do not want to be pricked by a needle. But as we get older and wiser, we realize how important a needle is, and we are forced to learn the many uses of a syringe, for the sole purpose of an emergency scenario where no doctor is available for some time. Whenever you start a family, you have responsibilities and wish to have the best for your children, and at that time your fear of needles does not matter. At that time, the only thing that matters is their safety and if a few injection needles can do that, then so be it.

So, now that one has mentally prepared themselves for using a syringe, they need to make sure they go through all the way. They should know that all syringes are not the same and that each one of them has a different purpose, they should also know what purpose does each one of the syringes has. A significant fact to be noted is that no needle is used twice; once you have, you used it you need to throw it. Most needles are disposable, or the syringe may come with an attached needle or no needle at all.

Different situations demand different needles, the size of the needle also depends on the amount of medication you want it to hold. Further, it selected by the length of the needle and the gauge size. But all of that is not that simple, choosing the needle size, thickness and the gauge keeps on varying and depends entirely on from where it is administered. For example- U-100 is a syringe which is available easily as it is prevalent, it used as insulin for diabetic patients, and since all of these are disposable, all of these are low cost.

Now that we know different needles are needed for different things let us know the different types of needles.

  • A luer lock tip-

This type of syringe is most commonly used as its process of needle removal and installing it again is very easy and quick.

  • A slip tip syringe-

This type of syringe is also very commonly used and allows the user to push the needle hub onto the syringe merely. A catheter slip tip is used mostly used with medical tubings like catheters or feeding tubes.

The needles mentioned above are some of the most used needles and are easily available; one needs to have the correct knowledge to use it. Once you are aware of how to go about using a needle, you will no longer be afraid of it. You might be proud of the fact, that the thing that used to scare me to death is now an excellent friend of mine.

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