The pros and cons of having a beach side property

There is hardly any doubt about our love and passion for the beach. We love to spend our vacations near the beach. This passion for spending time near the beach is hardly ever converted into the thought of living near the beach. This is because we all know that living near the beach comes with its own set of challenges. There is age-old wisdom that says living next to the ocean is actually good for you. The beach is not just only for summer but also a pleasant destination in winter. Walking on a deserted beach during the winter is a unique solace providing the experience. Here are all the pros and cons of living near the beach:

Pros and Cons of living next to the beach:


  1. There is always something to do-Living next to the beach has its own set of challenges and advantages like any corner of the earth. When you live near the beach you will never be short on excitement. Watching sunset sitting on a solitary corner of the beach will soothe your mind and fill your heart with utmost serenity.
  2. It makes you healthy- Living near the ocean has more positive impacts than you can imagine. Vitamin D and the fresh air are great for your health. Even there have been studies published stating that people who live near the beach are less stressed and live happier lives.
  3. Physical activity- When you look at the beach from your window in the morning it is obvious that you see people doing all kinds of physical activities. When you look at people jogging, walking, swimming, or playing beach volleyball then you also get encouraged to get out and do some physical activity.


  1. Unpredictable weather- The scene you picture in your mind about the beach probably involves rolling waves, hot sand, and bright sun. However, you must consider that the beach has these annoying characteristics of bringing heavy rains which often lasts for days. Beach areas are usually disaster-prone areas. Therefore this makes them a bit risky at times.
  2. Maintenance costs- One huge concern of homeowners near the ocean is their maintenance. The potential damage due to floods and the corrosive nature of the saltwater often results in higher maintenance costs.

A lot of Australians have spent significant time in their youth on beaches. Once they are on the beach they are charming to the fullest. In Australia, the beach belongs to everyone irrespective of race or ethnicity.  The beach is a public property down under and there is no concept of privately owned beaches in the country. The beach culture of Australia usually starts with the Bondi beach. The beach is located in Sydney and has a history of being the world’s first Surf Life-saving club. The beach is full of tourists and locals. The atmosphere here is electric as there are people from all walks of life are present here and mingling together


The Northern Beaches are located in Sydney’s northern coastal suburbs, closer to the Pacific ocean in the state of New south wales Australia. Towards the south, the area extends to Port Jackson, towards the north its broken bay and Middle Harbor in the west.  The area is an amazing stretch of coastline. The Manly and the North Narrabeen beaches in this area are particularly famous for surfing. Northern beaches are a great destination for cityside coastal escape. The place is filled with a burgeoning foodie scene, sunkissed locals, amazing surfing beaches. Before you decide about buying a property here contact your Buyer’s agent Northern beaches Sydney.

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