The most frequent traffic areas

Let’s get straight to the point. The most frequent traffic areas on are:

  1. Nassau County District Court – District 1

It really is the general criminal court in the western half of Long Island. We include the criminal courts in our library because they also deal with DWI offenses. Nassau County Traffic Court is not far off the list. The site was viewed 3184 times in the first quarter of 2009.

  1. Jersey City Municipal Court

The Jersey City Council is a permanent leader on our side. There must be many faster ones coming out of central Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel. The tunnel advances US-1 / US-9 and I-78 south. Over 3000 views. This court was the # 1 court on our site in 2008.

  1. Alhambra Court

With just under 2900 views, the Alhambra Court is openly a place to happen. I-10 runs along the southern edge of the area, coming east of downtown Los Angeles. This is our best estimate of the main source of cases here.

  1. Moreno Valley Superior Court

Moreno Valley is a newcomer to our best terrain, and it’s a bit surprising. This California court is just behind the Alhambra with more than 2,700 views. It is just east of Riverside with the I-215 and the Moreno Valley freeway. These routes must have many markers.

  1. Texas traffic courts

More than 2500 views for this, discussed earlier in n ° 1. The official title of the court is the Traffic and Parking Agency of Nassau County.

  1. Amherst Municipal Court

Amherst is a northeast suburb of Buffalo on I-290. The amount is likely due to a combination of travel between the US and Canada, tourism to Niagara Falls and activities on the SUNY Buffalo campus. Over 2,500 visits also in the first three months of 2009.

  1. Albany City Court – Traffic Report

Albany City is the capital of New York State and is home to our website. The traffic court in Albany was one of the first in the repertoire. Unlike some of the previous courts, this court only hears traffic cases. The I-87 and I-90 highways are on the outskirts of the city, and the two freeways send many gliders here. Other major highways include US-20, US-9 and a major speed trap where Washington Avenue rises from 45 to 30.

  1. Philadelphia Traffic Court

Philadelphia police made over 350,000 traffic stops in 2008. Everyone goes to this court. INCREDIBLE! The judges have been subject to scrutiny. One was reprimanded. In a recent campaign, several candidates had unpaid parking tickets and a judge registered his car outside the city. At least they got rid of Terrell Owens. However, the city could fall because this court was # 1 on our side and was # 3 in 2008.

  1. White Plains City Court

I-287 (The Cross Westchester Expressway) runs along the northern edge of town, while the Hutchinson River Parkway runs along the east side. This is probably why this page has had more than 2400 visits. Down from No. 5 in 2008.

  1. Victorville Superior Court

Just under 2300 views, Victorville Court is one of our top 10. I-15 passes here in the direction of Barstow and Las Vegas in a northeast direction outside the Los Angeles area.

Among our list of the top 10 for 2008 were Paterson, New Jersey City Court, Syracuse City Court and Queens North Traffic Court in New York. New York City splits its traffic cases into seven to eight traffic violations office, which is why none of them are in the top 10.

New York Traffic Attorney Warren Redlich handles traffic cases in New York State. You create a county court library that contains useful information about the courts in the country.

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