Hand sanitizers are conventionally used to kill any bacteria or other microorganisms that are present in hand. They come with different formulations, in which only a few are very effective. During the absence of soap and water, hand sanitizers are conveniently used by simply rubbing against the palms. Generally, they are available in different forms such as liquid, spray, gel or foam. The Love Co hand sanitizer is the instant solution for effective protection against germs. 


The efficiency of The Love co hand rub is maintained by certain compounds which are present in appropriate proportions. Alcohol-based sanitizers contain 60% to 90% of alcoholic compounds such as ethanol, isopropanol or n-propanol. Apart from this, some products also contain compounds such as antiseptics, sporicides, emollients, gelling agents and also colourants or fragrances. A small amount of sterile or distilled water is also present.


Green apple hand sanitizer: The Love Co green apple hand sanitizer is your instant germ-kill solution for anytime, anywhere. This sanitizer guarantees to kill 99.99% of the germs and is the perfect anti-bacterial resort in the absence of water. Unlike other alcohol sanitizers, the green apple hand sanitizer by love co does not leave your hands dry, rather it leaves them feeling refreshing. 

Aloe vera based hand sanitizer soothing gel: This hand sanitizer gel is one of the favorites from this brand. Besides killing 99.99% of the germs, it also leaves a refreshing fragrance behind. Since this sanitizer gel has aloe vera in its composition, it has a certain skin-soothing properties to it. Its cleansing effect is just unbeatable. 

Other such sanitizer products from The Love Co brand are orange and lemon hand sanitizer and instant hand sanitizer. 


1. Take a few drops of the solution in one palm.

2. Rub both the palms against each other.

3. Effectively rub all over the hand and in between the fingers until the hands are dry.

4. For proper disinfection, they should be rubbed between all the possible exposed surfaces for at least thirty seconds.

Under certain conditions where high lipid or protein content are handled, it is not advisable to use any hand rub, as they may not be sufficient to kill the bacteria. The usage of soap and water is commonly preferred if any visible contaminants such as dust or dirt are seen.


Hand sanitizers which are unused or partially used should be disposed of carefully as they contain hazardous compounds such as alcohol which is flammable. The best way to reduce any harm is by completely utilizing the product before throwing it away. They should be used for the intended purpose and should be kept away from any sources which can cause a fire.


Alcohol hand sanitizers are highly-flammable. However, some products may fail to exhibit such property due to the high concentration of water or moisturizers. After the application of sanitizers, it is important to rub until the hands are dry as it implies the fact that flammable alcohol has been evaporated.

They may also have a significant effect on the skin by disrupting its barrier function. Being a topical agent, hand rubs should be kept away from children in order to prevent ingestion. On ingestion, it may lead to alcohol poisoning resulting in serious consequences.


The Love Co hand sanitizers are effective and easy alternative for soap and water to kill microorganisms. They are proven to eliminate 99.9% of germs if used properly. During times of high exposure to flu or any other infectious disease, they reduce the chance of getting sick by sanitizing the hand. When there is no access to water, it comes handy. In spite of being time efficient they help in bringing down the count of bacteria present.

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