The Difference between Sneakers and Shoes

Human beings use to wear shoes to protect their legs from dirt, harmful things etc. Both men and women are wearing these and they can be of any age. These are worn by the people from his childhood, then at the age of adolescence and in old age also.

A similar footwear is a sneaker. It looks like a shoe but actually it is not a shoe. If you want to find the difference between sneakers and shoes then it can be very difficult for you. Now I am going to tell you the difference between sneakers and the shoes.

1.Type of material used

In order to give comfort to their legs many people are wearing shoes. Nylon or polyurethane are the synthetic fabrics that are used for making these. The sole and upper of the normal shoes and athletic shoes are made of these materials normally. As these can be maintained and cleaned very easily so they are worn by a large number of people.

Rubber is used for making the sole of sneakers. A synthetic material or canvas is used for making the upper of the sneaker and so it is lightweight. The name sneakers come from the fact that if you sneak at a place then nobody can hear you because its sole is lightweight and soft.

2.Footwear’s durability

If we compare sneakers and shoes then we find that durability is more in shoes. This is because a very lightweight sole made of rubber is used in sneakers and so it can not bear a lot of pressure. While running or walking on a forest land or a land where there are so many rocks then you can injure yourself if you are wearing sneakers. If a thorn or nail is present on the ground then it can penetrate the sole and injure you.

A very flexible and sturdy material known as polyurethane is used in making the sole of the shoes. It can bear a lot of pressure. If a pointed or sharp object is present on the ground then it can not penetrate the sole of these and you will not get injured. Because of the durability and hardness of the sole of these you can wear them on hard terrains and can run also.

3.Comfortability while wearing the footwear

If you want to run then it is good for you to wear shoes because they offer comfortability while running.

But if you want to walk only then it will be better to wear sneakers because they will make you feel good while walking. So, for daily purposes it is good to wear sneakers.

4.Various purposes of wearing a footwear

A lot of purposes can be served by wearing the shoes because of their durable and strong characteristics. Because of the stability and comfort provided by these a lot of people like to wear these but some people also wear them just to look stylish. Its various types can be sports, boots, hiking, casual and office shoes. There are several categories of these that can support you in your various needs. Like to give protection to your toes while running some more rubber padding is present in the sports shoes.

On the other hand, a rubber sole is used in a sneaker which makes it comfortable and casual to wear. If you want to walk on a hard ground or want to play games then sneakers are not good for you. These cannot absorb the shocks. If you want to go to a gym or just want to walk then sneakers are best for you because these are comfortable and flexible.

If the customers want to customize their own shoes then they can design these with the help of a software known as shoe design software.


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