The advantages of ordering food online

With varied menu options and a flexible plan chosen by you, online prepared food delivery enables fresh and healthy meals to be delivered to your door while you stay safely at home.

Simply Fresh

With our online prepared food delivery, all food is totally fresh and never frozen. Our menu is picked with sustainability in mind, with food sourced from local markets and farms, supporting local business and reducing the miles your food travels. We focus on quality and nutritional value, and you’ll know what’s in your food because a full macro and break down of ingredients are provided on the online menu.

Convenient eating

Our service aims to make healthy food as convenient as possible. Each professionally cooked meal will be individually packaged and you can easily reheat each portion within its microwaveable container, following the instructions provided. Quick food preparation will mean you’ll have more time to spend on the other important things in your life.

Tailored to you

The choice is yours with our flexible menu. You can opt for either a nutritionist tailored plan or a plan chosen by you, with either a 5 day or whole week schedule. We try to cater to most nutritional needs and preferences so there’s something for everyone. There are over 500 meal combinations, with a full menu of options for proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and snacks.

Whether you want a healthy and balanced diet for overall wellbeing, to lose weight or to build muscle mass, you can build or have a pre-built plan designed just for you. Choose the nutritionist tailored plan and we’ll provide the plan for you, but you’ll still have the ability to change any items as you wish. You can alternatively opt for bespoke ordering, with item by item and meal by meal choices, plus the option of a random generator to give you suggestions. The choice is yours.

Flexible ordering

To ensure uninterrupted service, you can order with a monthly subscription or upfront payment for 4, 12 or 24 weeks. Alternatively, you can order as a one-off. This allows you to get the most from your orders to suit your lifestyle and needs at the time, without either service interruptions if you want regular orders or feeling locked into a lengthy subscription if you only want ad-hoc deliveries.

Straight to your doorstep

Fresh, locally sourced food will be prepared by us and delivered directly to your door, so you needn’t worry about leaving the house. That means no more waiting in queues or wasted trips to shops when they don’t have stock. Our online prepared food delivery will ensure your meals reach you safely and conveniently, with deliveries by DPD up to twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays, just choose your preferences when you order.

Our online service brings fresh, delicious food directly to your door, while a varied menu and ordering options provide you with a totally flexible experience that’s tailored to you.

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