The 8 Ancient Cities In The World That Survived The Test Of Tim

Have you ever wondered which are the oldest cities in the world? Cities that have stood the test of time and reveal both the positive and negative aspects of human civilization. Get your cheap air tickets to visit these old cities if you love history because most of these cities have seen entire civilizations and empires come and go, were important centres at some point, and some of them are still. Officially, the oldest city in the world was GobekliTepe in today’s Turkey. You can find Turkish airline online flights to visit this one of the oldest places in the world. Having said that, let’s see which are the oldest permanently inhabited cities in the world.

1 –Damascus, Syria

Damascus is widely recognized as the oldest permanently inhabited city in the world and a known history of approximately 11,000 years old. The city was first inhabited in the second half of the seventh millennium BC It has also recently become the largest city in Syria after thousands of people fled from Aleppo. Damascus is a city that has stood the test of time and has seen how many great civilizations rise and fall. Damascus has also recently been named the capital of Arabic culture.

2 –Multan, Pakistan

Multan is an ancient city representing the oldest civilizations in the world and the trade centre of the medieval Indian subcontinent. The Multan region is the crown of Indus Valley civilization and has been permanently inhabited for more than6000 years. A large collection of Sufi shrines and many Sufi mystics deserved the name of the city of saints.

It is said that in the early period of its history Multan was a centre of prosperity, a real city of gold. You can take cheap air tickets to Multan because the city is not very much famous around the world and flight rates are usually cheap. Multan was ruled by various native empires in the epochs before the invasion of Alexander the Great. The city was part of the Gupta and Mauryan empires that ruled much of North India. This city has survived a number of devastating battles but still, continues to flourish.

3 –Luxor, Egypt

The Egyptian city, also known as the ancient city of Thebes, dates from 3200 BC. Luxor today is often called the largest open-air museum in the world because of the wealth of temple ruins, tombs and other ancient monuments. The city has a known history of approximately 6000 years old. However, Luxor is also a modern city that has been modernizing in recent years to make it more convenient for the growing number of tourists.

4 –Jericho, Palestine

Jericho has been around since 3000 B.C. but like Trikala, there is evidence of human settlement from 8,000 B.C. The city was destroyed several times and rebuilt several times over the years. Today Jericho is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Palestine. In this legendary city is the tomb of Moses, it was there that the baptism of Jesus took place and the scrolls of the Dead Sea were discovered.

5 –Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep was initially built as part of the Kingdom of Yamhad in 1900 BC. Today the city is one of the largest cities in Turkey. Gaziantep has a known history of approximately 3900 years old. However, there is evidence that the ancient human settlements in the region date from 3650 BC. Yes, it is actually much older than Istanbul (Constantinople). If you want to visit this city containing one of the oldest times in history, then use Turkish airline online flights booking to confirm your flights to turkey to visit this place.

6 –Yanshi, China

Located on the Luo River in central China, Yanshi is one of the oldest cities in China. It was here that the legendary battle of Yanshi took place, and today in this county there are two ancient archaeological sites, which prove that people have lived here for over 3900 years. The first is the Erlitou archaeological site, which is living proof of the Erlitou culture and dates from 1900 B.C.E. and the other is Yanshi Shang, dating from 1600 BC.

7 –Chania, Greece

Chania is one of the most touristic cities in Crete, but many people do not know how old she is. It has been permanently inhabited for about3700 years. This city was the cradle of Minoan civilization in the Bronze Age and was later under Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Venetian and Ottoman occupation. Today, the island is a famous tourist destination with a beautiful old town and a modern, beautifully designed city.

8 –Lisbon, Portugal

We all know that Lisbon has a rich history, but do you know that it really is older than Rome? That’s right Lisbon is 4 centuries older than Rome and is the second oldest capital in Europe. The first settlers were Phoenicians who settled in Lisbon around 1200 BC. It is believed that the city has its name as a combination of these words “Allis” and “Ubbo” in the Phoenician language “safe haven”.


How many of the cities on this list did you know? Have you ever visited some of them? If not then take cheap air tickets to any of these cities to revive your historical soul by visiting them.

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