The 10 Most Harmful SEO Mistakes You Need to Know in 2020

Knowing about e-commerce search engine optimization is one of the essential and speedily changing things in the digital world. Bringing traffic and leveling up the sales are mainly the two aims of most of the e-commerce websites. For achieving the same, businesses need to keep track of the latest and quickly changing search engine algorithms. Also, be aware of the mistakes that are occurring in search engine optimization, so that it is not repeated again. Let us draw attention to the popular mistakes of SEO for the current year. 

  1. Bad Link System

One of the biggest mistakes that have occurred in the year 2020 would be a bad internal linking system. Even though the website is growing due to good content, there is still a need to resolve the basic errors of linking. From fake content to the errors 404, a lot of things are dependent on the same. With proper internal linking, there is involvement of good functions for the website like rendering clarity to the pathways, spreading command to the web pages that are hidden in the website, organization of web pages in a synchronous way, communication of essential web pages to search engine crawlers.

2. Non-usage of Analytics

Search engine optimization might be optimizing the websites in simple words, however, in other words, it is referred to as conversions. There is no big deal in searching for the right keywords that can bring more traffic to the website easily no matter what. Always be aware of the fact that higher ranking should be the aim of the websites. The right way for figuring out keywords and phrases is the usage of analytic tools for measuring conversions of the phrases and undertaking a comparison of the same towards each other. Hence, this will result in better productivity and conversion of keywords, leading to higher optimization of the entire website. 

3. Fake Content 

Fake or scam content is a situation of plagiarised content which is being displayed on more than one place at a time, which means the URL of a website. In such cases, the search engines are not able to decide which is the right content for indexing. This can strike off your website for being showcased in the listed search results. There are three types of duplication which are home page duplicacy, duplicacy of URLs, and different web pages owning similar content. 

4. Image Tags 

One of the most committed mistakes is not remembering the image tags. There is also no doubt about the fact, that websites owe big time to the images as they make the sites look wonderful in every way. However, the images are not visible to the search engine and for their visibility, it is essential to engulf the image tags which are most of the time not involved by the users. Make sure to add alt tags on every image as it will turn on the optimization of images. 

5. Optimization of local search 

Another step that users forget to do is undertake optimization of the website for local search purposes. Make way towards keywords in the meta descriptions and titles that are particular as per the region. 

6. Content Marketing 

With the advancement in inbounds, a lot of things have changed in SEO and due to the same one must turn is essential to proceed with all the search engine optimization strategies more conveniently accompanied with content marketing, as the same is not successful without promotion of content in the best possible method. 

7. Consultation from Paid Media 

Search engine optimization has been more concentrated towards acquiring and nourishment of the leads, meanwhile paid media works on the conversion of leads. Paid media benefits the business more by this as it alters the relationship with the customers and targeting them in the long run. Try using keywords that are the same and promotion of similar product pages is done. 

8. Incorrect keyword research 

As we know that researching keywords is not easy because it takes a lot of time doing that. There is no need of doing it widely, rather make sure to commence the process of searching from the background and use the best tools while doing it. 

9. Unrelated Content 

Half of the time, the users are busy making mistakes like writing and posting content which is different from the keywords or not similar to it. This can end up the rankings and traffic go down completely. 

10. 1 Keyword 

While producing content, more than half of the people turn their focus towards just on keywords which is a major mistake for the whole procedure of local search engine optimization. It is crucial to be aware of the other related and similar keywords as well for being on the topmost position in the search engine result pages. 

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