Thai Food Healthy and Ideal to Lose Weight

Thai Food

On this occasion, we will talk about a very interesting topic; we will tell you why Thai food is healthy and ideal for weight loss. Much has been said of the food of the inhabitants of the incredible “Country of Smile” and although it is true that some dishes are very delicious but caloric, there are also many others that stand out for their unique flavors and also, for being very healthy, why do you think many Thais are thin? In fact, it is very difficult to observe someone who is overweight. With this article you will learn a lot and besides, you will enjoy it. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Good diet = happier life

The daily diet of Thais is very healthy, since some of their main foods come from the sea, such as fish and shellfish, which provide a lot of energy, vitamins and minerals necessary to live well. In addition, their diet is practically free of butter, they do not consume many creams or dairy products, instead, they consume a large amount of fruits , vegetables and herbs with high nutritional content and delicious flavors that more than one tourist will love.

If you decide to visit Thailand with us, then we recommend that you try these essential foods to take care of your health; you can go to one of the famous markets and eat at the popular street stalls, or go to a more formal restaurant. We can point out that many people have experienced losing weight when they eat healthy dishes in Thailand in about 2 weeks of diet (as long as they stay strict with this diet without cheating).

If you are visiting Thailand and you are one of the people who want to lose weight, keep in mind that not only food is enough, it is necessary to combine the exercise, the good thing is that you will always be in constant physical activity, either visiting your beautiful beaches, walking in the incredible temples or doing adventure tourism in its jungles or small towns.

More about healthy and ideal Thai food for weight loss

Would you like to lose weight and eat healthy? Then Thai salads are the best option. Many people think that salads will always be very healthy, but this is not entirely true; In some places they do not use fresh vegetables to make them, or they can use many sauces with high caloric content, such as mayonnaise, in addition to adding pieces of bacon or cheese (as with the Caesar salad). None of this happens with Thai salads.

Thai people always make their salads with fresh ingredients, such as very healthy vegetables and delicious fruits; In addition, to dress them use quite discreet condiments for the “scale of prohibited foods”, such as fish sauce, soy, and citrus fruits such as lime juice, a little spicy and just a touch of sugar. They are not usually added dairy products, or animals, such as bacon, or mayonnaise, but there are plenty of onions, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, etc. You can find a wide range of salads, such as “Som Tum ” or also known as “Thai green papaya salad” which contains lechozas with dried shrimp, a little tomato, peanuts and Thai spices very tasty.

But, we know that when traveling to this beautiful country, you will not eat only salads, that would not be fair, do not you think? For this reason we also invite you to try the main dishes offered by this Southeast Asian country. If you fancy a delicious soup, the Tom Yam Kung is an excellent choice, it contains tomatoes and shrimp, and however, if for some reason the seafood gives you allergy, you can replace them with pork, chicken or beef. Jeud Gang soup is also recommended, its ingredients include seaweed and vegetables such as white cabbage, carrots, tofu and pork.

You can choose a variety of dishes!

If you are looking for something that has more substance, you can order dishes made with fish, shellfish and molluscs, or the “Nam Prik “, which are very healthy and tasty sauces that are consumed with rice, boiled egg and various vegetables cooked in boiling water.

Many of these recipes can become vegetarian, but bear in mind that Thai dishes are often very spicy, so if your body is not used to this seasoning, it is important to clarify before ordering, do not go to be that you take an unpleasant surprise when eating your food. You can also order tortillas stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms or meat, it can be beef or pork, although these, as you can imagine, have more calories.

The drinks that you can order in almost any place in Thailand are also very healthy, these are very aromatic herbs or juicy and delicious fruits, the juice of lemon grass, red Roselle, chrysanthemum and more are just some of the options that you will find. From guavas, passion fruit, mangoes, to dragon fruit and other more exotic such as Chinese apricot, or tamarind are ideal for you to supplement your diet.

There are many factors that make Thai food a healthy and ideal option to lose weight; It is thanks to this type of diet that many Thais have left behind their cardiovascular problems or obesity, resulting in dishes with less caloric intake than those to which we Spaniards are accustomed.

Being dishes that are usually very light, Thais can eat up to 7 times a day! The truth is that, in addition to Thai food healthy and ideal to lose weight, you can also come across very delicious dishes with a high caloric intake. We also invite you to try them, giving yourself a taste is not too much. If you liked this post, you can send us your comments. What dish has called you the most? If you prefer, share it through social networks. If you are willing to visit Thailand book cheap flights to Thailand and explore the

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