Swimming Pool Construction Phases

Constructing an inground swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai usually divides the construction process into ten different swimming pool construction phases. Here is an overview of the construction cycle.

Design & Engineering

The local phone book and word of mouth from others who have built a pool are the first places most homeowners look for qualified swimming pool contractors in Dubai. After the initial interview, you will have a good idea of how much your swimming pool will cost to build.The contractor or consultant will present you with a design and a complete bid for your approval. The contractor will hire a qualified structural engineer to perform all necessary engineering.The contractor will then apply for permits from the local government. Construction begins in earnest once the building permit is obtained.

Layout & Excavation

Excavation is the process of digging the ground forthe swimming pool. Several factors determine the average time required to dig a pool. Access, soil conditions, and the overall size and depth of the swimming pool are all factors to consider. Most pools nowadays are dug in one to two days.

Rough Plumbing & Electrical

After the pool has been dug, the rough plumbing and electrical work can begin. It is where all of the trenches for the pipes and conduits required to operate your pool will be drilled. Occasionally, the rough plumbing and electrical will be divided into two sections; otherwise, all trenching and pipe and conduit installation will coincide.It entails installing suction and return lines, water-feature lines, vacuum cleaner lines, fills lines, solar inlet, returns, gas lines for the swimming pool heater and future barbecues and firepits, and the electrical service line. It will usually take 2-3 days to complete and can be done before, during, or after steel.


The steel phase consists of the addition of a rebar formed into the final shape of the pool. A rebar contractor will “tie” the steel in a grid pattern determined by the structural engineer using baling wire. The size, shape, and any raised walls determine the time this task could accomplish. A good crew should be able to tie the steel in less than a day.

Gunite or Shotcrete

Until this point, your backyard will resemble a disaster zone, with trenches running here and there and a large hole in your yard with a crisscross pattern of rebar running through it. Gunite, also known as shotcrete, is a concrete application to the pool surface that forms the shell of your pool. The crews will arrive and, using a hose, apply the concrete at the end, giving the swimming pool a nearly finished appearance.The benches will be installed, and the pool walls and floor will be completed. On these occasions, you will be expected to participate in the construction of your pool actively. You will be required to cure the swimming pool shell with water two to three times per day for the next 7 to 10 days to help water cure the gunite or shotcrete.You’ll be astounded by how much water the pool structure absorbs.

Tile & Rock

In this phase, the waterline tile and any rock or boulders will be installed on your pool.This step is done after the gunite or shotcrete has been installed. The tile is required to provide an easy-to-clean surface at the waterline. For waterfalls and jump rocks, rock or boulders are added to create a natural “swimming hole” look and feel.Tile is incorporated into the design of pools with a contemporary or classic look and is applied to the waterline and any raised walls or water features.


After the tile has been installed, the decking will be added to your swimming pool project. In the swimming pool industry, the deck is the item that surrounded the pool. Concrete is the deck of choice for the vast majority of swimming pool owners. Decking installation can take as little as a couple of days to form and finish, or it can takea few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the surface.The deck crew will also be in charge of installing the equipment pad, which will house all of the pumps, filters, heaters, and other pool-related equipment.

Equipment Set

The anticipation grows; you’re almost finished and ready to swim. Your Swimming Pool construction company Dubai will install all equipment at the equipment set.The lights will be installed, and the control panels will be connected; all pumps, heaters, and filters will be mounted and plumbed to the equipment pad. Everything is in place for your pool to be filled with water. But wait, something is missing: the all-important pool surface.


Plaster serves as the pool’s waterproofing surface. Plaster comes in a variety of finishes, ranging from plain to pebbled and polished. It can usually be completed in a single day. And for those of you with unlimited funds, this can be an all-tile pool surface with Grecian borders. Once the swimming pool finish has been applied, you can begin filling your pool.

Construction Clean-Up and Start-Up

The last thing to do is to turn on the pool.The start-up process ensures that all of the equipment is operational and that the swimming pool contains all of the necessary chemicals to prevent algae and other problems. It’s now your turn to reap the benefits of swimming pool ownership.

It was a brief overview of the inground swimming pool process for gunite or shotcrete pools. A swimming pool results from many individual people, each of whom is an experienced veteran of his or her trade. Most homeowners can be guided through the process by licensed swimming pool companies in Dubai.


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