Stop trying to Lose That Weight by yourself and Get a Coach

So you have been trying to lose weight for weeks, months or even years all by yourself, but you are not really seeing the results you desire to see or you don’t even keep up with the activities you need to do to achieve the results you seek.

“What could be the problem?” Probably this is the question that have been running through your mind for quite a long while now. The answer is, get yourself a weight loss coach.

Who is a weight loss coach? A weight loss coach is an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals regarding how one can lose weight.

Weight loss coaches know how to push you beyond where you would have fallen off track if you were trying to do it on your own. They are partners in progress. They make you reach higher than you would if you were on your own.

Below I have outlined some of the reasons why you need to hire or partner with a weight loss coach to help you reach your goals of losing weight:

  • They can help change the way you think – by understanding who you are and the goals you are trying to accomplish, a weight loss coach can strategize the best way to steer and encourage you.
  • They help you reach new limits – a weight loss coach can help you overcome obstacles and challenges you may encounter in a training routine by planning for them ahead of time and coaching you through them when they arise.
  • They don’t just tell you what to do but teach you why to do it and then how to do it – your weight loss coach will teach you why a specific exercise like squats are an important exercise in your program for reaching your goals and the coach will then incorporate that exercise into your routine.
  • They hold you accountable – a weight loss coach will know your needs and habits and will regularly refine your program to allow for continual progress. If you feel overwhelmed, coaches can re-prioritize your program with you.

Weight loss coaches are lifesavers in the life of weight loss. The impact of a coach on your weight loss is real. Research shows that you will lose three times more weight working with a coach than trying on your own.

Nearly everyone experiences times when their motivation to lose weight dips. That’s when your weight loss coach steps in as a safety net to understand your needs, proffer solutions and get you motivated to keep going.

And in the end, there’s more to having a coach than getting good advice. Coaches can motivate by simply watching over you. With a weight loss coach by your side, you know you have someone who will notice if you skip that workout.

This is why you need to quit trying to lose weight all by yourself and hire a weight loss coach. It could just be a friend or a professional.

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